‘I want to play for Real Madrid’ … Haaland’s hidden ambitions hidden in secret

Erling Haaland still dreams of playing for Real Madrid.

England’s ‘The Athletic’ said on the 16th (Korean time), “Real Madrid’s long-standing interest in Haaland has not changed. Some people at Real have not completely lost their dreams of seeing Haaland play at the club, and Holland I have aspirations to one day join one of the most spectacular teams in Europe.”

Haaland is showing the best performance throughout Europe this season. He joined Manchester City this season and broke the record for the most goals scored in a single season in the Premier League (EPL). His previous record was 34 goals set by Andy Cole and Alan Shearer in a 42-game span. Haaland surpassed this in just 31 games in a 38-game system.

His prestige is great even in Europe. Haaland showed his power by scoring 52 points in all competitions, including scoring 12 goals in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). If you add up to the 8 assists he recorded, Haaland’s attack points this season reach a total of 60.

Manchester City and Haaland are getting closer to the UCL trophy they have been dreaming of, showing great teamwork. However, it remains to be seen if Haaland’s future will remain at Manchester City for a long time.먹튀검증

According to ‘The Athletic’, Haaland was the player he dreamed of playing for Real Madrid. “Haaland has repeatedly told others in Dortmund’s locker room that he wants to play for Real,” the media explained.

Aside from his dreams, Haaland wanted a team where he could start. He couldn’t guarantee that he would play as a starter if he moved to Real Madrid, where Karim Benzema, who is showing Ballon d’Or-class performances, and Kylian Mbappe could be recruited. Man City also succeeded in convincing Haaland using this.

However, Real failed to sign Mbappe. Now it’s time to find a replacement for Benzema. Naturally, Haaland is hoping to succeed Benzema. Real are monitoring rumors of a buyout clause between Haaland and Manchester City.

‘The Athletic’ said, “According to sources familiar with Holland, Haaland can leave in 2024 for 200 million euros (about 288.9 billion won) and in 2025 for 175 million euros (about 252.9 billion won). It does not apply to clubs and may vary depending on various conditions.” If the buyout is true, it is impossible to predict what the future holds for Haaland. Accordingly, it is known that Manchester City is preparing to renew the contract in order to secure Haaland.

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