“I want to save it…” Somehow, 35 innings, a 19-year-old pitcher who became a ‘trustworthy man’ for Goom Gal-ryang, ahead of the Rookie of the Year race

“I want to save you… ”

LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeom-yeop gets confused when he thinks of new pitcher Park Myeong-geun (19). Since he is still a rookie who is not familiar with the professional stage, he needs to be managed, but he has already become a winning team. If you want to win, you have no choice but to use him.

Director Yeom’s calculation was that Park Myung-geun’s pitching innings was about 25 innings at the end of June. However, on the 28th, against SSG Incheon, he pitched 2 scoreless innings and threw a total of 35 innings.

At the end of the 7th inning when the team was trailing 4-6, Park Myung-geun, who took the mound as the team’s 5th pitcher, lightly dealt with the tricky SSG batters including Choi Jeong, Guillermo Heredia and Park Seong-han.

Afterwards, the other line scored 3 runs in the beginning of the 8th inning, meeting the requirements for a winning pitcher, and also went to the mound at the end of the 8th inning. Park Myung-geun gave the first batter Choi Ji-hoon a walk, but blocked the next three batters with two fly balls and strikeouts.

Until the 28th, Park’s record was 3 wins, 5 saves, 5 holds, and an ERA of 2.83 in 34 games. He is the most reliable pitcher in the LG bullpen. He is still an inexperienced young player, but he gets his job done with his gutsy pitching.

There is also a skill that is not like a rookie. This is why director Yeom has no choice but to use Park Myeong-geun. Director Yeom also admitted it. Director Yeom said with a laugh, “I want to save because I’m a rookie, but I have to win, so I’ll use it.”

At the same time, coach Yeom said, “At this point, Myung-geun Park is throwing more innings than I thought. He thought about 25 innings, but he threw 35. Now is not important. He should go one season without injury. That is a great experience,” he explained.

However, at the point of running while competing for first place in the regular season, it is not easy for a rookie to leave a strong fight for victory in the background. Here, Yeom faces a dilemma.

Director Yeom said, “If you get sick in the middle and take a break, you will have problems next year. It is very important for young players to play a season without getting sick.” However, at this rate, Park Myung-geun can aim for the Rookie of the Year. Director Yeom said, “Looking at the grades and content, he thinks Myeong-geun is doing the best.”바카라사이트

Park Myung-geun was the only rookie to follow in the US spring camp. Attention is focusing on whether he can complete his first professional season in good health and aim for the Rookie of the Year title.

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