“I was eliminated from HOF because of sign stealing”… American Media, Beltran Dudun

 “Not only is it unfair to the point of being cruel, but it is also terrible.”

The US local media ‘USA Today’ wrote on the 24th (Korean time), “Carlos Beltran (46) is well qualified to enter the Major League Hall of Fame (HOF).”

Beltran won the first World Series of his career in 2017 while playing for the Houston Astros. However, a whistleblowing rumor soon broke out that Houston had stolen the autographs of opposing Los Angeles Dodgers pitchers. A camera was installed in the outfield of the home stadium, the monitor analyzed the sign, and the opposing pitcher’s sign was communicated to the batter by making sounds such as tapping on a trash can.

Among them, Beltran was mentioned as the instigator. At the time, media such as ‘Passion MLB’ intensively criticized Beltran, saying, “Beltran is called the core of the case. Although no players were disciplined by the office, the incident was widely publicized through the media.”

Since then, Beltrán has not been free from his sign-stealing label. His entire career built over 20 years in the big leagues was stained. Last year, in 2020, he resigned as manager of the New York Mets two months after taking over as manager due to a sign-stealing scandal.

He is also eligible for the HOF candidacy. His career is flawless, but public opinion is divided on his candidacy due to the autograph-stealing scandal. 헤라카지노

In this situation, ‘USA Today’ defended Beltrán. The media said, “Are we really going to remove Beltran from HOF? We’re looking at coach AJ Hinch (then Houston coach) and Alex Cora (then Houston head coach) coaching. Six years later, beltran is now out of HOF. Will you be punished?”

“Beltran is one of the best center fielders in major league history. He won the Roberto Clemente Award (Good Conduct Award) in 2013 and was respected by the team as a great clubhouse leader. He’s a hitter with over 300 stolen bases all at once, but are we going to ignore all of that and punish him for the sign-stealing scandal?”

Continuing, the media insisted on entering the HOF, emphasizing that there are more severe cases than Beltran.

The media said, “The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox stole signs with smart watches. Will the same standard be applied to them? Sign stealing has continued in various ways over the past 100 years. “There are many people, including management, who tolerated them. Beltrán is the only one who is still being punished for the scandal six years later. Not only is it brutally unfair, it’s awful.”

Meanwhile, the announcement of 2023 HOF entrants will be announced on the 25th. Fans are interested in whether Beltran will be able to recover his glory by escaping from the autograph stealing controversy.

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