“I’m chasing you”… Bae Yoo-na takes responsibility for Park Jung-ah’s lost stamina

“I just chase after nutritional supplements and take care of them.”

4 consecutive losses against leading Heungkuk Life Insurance. Korea Expressway Corporation Park Jung-ah and Bae Yuna won a set score 3-1 (21-25, 25-21, 25-12, 25-21) in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League 6th round confrontation held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th.

While outside hitter Park Jung-ah posted 22 points, the most in her team, middle blocker Bae You-na followed with 15 points including 4 blocks. After the game, Kim Jong-min, the road construction manager, said, “I am trying to take responsibility for the attack somehow. It can be seen that he is the player with the most physical strength right now. I think I need to manage it well.”

Park Jung-ah, who heard the story, said, “You just need to let his stamina rest. My stamina is low, so you won’t make me exercise, right?” laughing, “All I can do is eat well and sleep well. In fact, (Bae) Yuna unnie feeds nutritional supplements one by one next to her. She’s getting the good stuff,” she laughs.

Bae Yoo-na, who was next to her, responded with a smile. He said, “I take too many nutritional supplements. Recovery after the game is important, so I eat everything that is good for my body, including drinks. Junga is not the type to take care of herself, so I’m chasing after her and feeding her. Give me one,” he smiled. 온라인카지노

No one expected the road construction company to lose four consecutive times. Bae Yuna said, “My condition is down. She had good defense and reception, but it felt like her offense was lacking. I was thinking about how to save her, but today Jung-a hit a big attack well. She is a virtue of mutual help,” she said, looking at Park Jung-ah.

Park Jung-ah said, “During the losing streak, the offense did not work well. Whether the ball comes well or not, the striker must score. He played 10 defenses, but he seems to have missed one attack.”

Director Kim mentioned the heightened sense of responsibility over Park Jung-ah. In response, Park Jung-ah said, “The ball comes up when it is important. He seems to have said it in the sense that the director should take responsibility. He thinks that hitting at 1 point and hitting at 24 points are the same,” he laughed.

Highway Corporation, which succeeded in recapturing third place with the victory that day, meets Hyundai E&C on the 10th.

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