“Is Lee Kang-in’s ransom this high?”… Buyout amount is 40.3 billion won

Lee Kang-in, who was rumored to be transferring all winter, ended up staying with his team, Mallorca. It is said that the money paid to the club by the club that wants to recruit, the so-called buyout amount, was much higher than originally known. It reached 40.3 billion won. So, if you want to take Lee Kang-in, you have to pay 40 billion won, but it is a burden that most clubs are willing to pay.

This is reporter Seok Min-hyeok.

Lee Kang-in at the training ground is the same as usual 안전놀이터. He chats, flirts and jokes with his teammates.

He played diligently even in the league game right before the transfer time deadline. He showed off his skills by making interceptions as well as his signature accurate long passes.

He received attention from EPL clubs such as Brighton as well as big clubs such as Atlético Madrid, but he hit the nail at the Mallorca club.

Pablo Ortels / Mallorca general manager
“Lee Kang-in is a Mallorca player. His professionalism is excellent, and he plays really well with us.”

What caught the ankle is the amount that can take Lee Kang-in, aka ‘buyout’ clause.

30 million euros, which exceeds the originally known 17 million euros, and our money of 40.3 billion won, were revealed as the actual amount.

30 million euros in the winter transfer window held in the middle of the league is a burden.

Currently, the most popular defender, Kim Min-jae, is known to have a buyout amount of around 48 million euros.

Lee Kang-in, whose transfer was canceled, now has to prove that he is worth the ransom.

Two days later, we face Real Madrid, the strongest player in the league, and Lee Kang-in is showing strong enough to record 1 goal and 1 help in three matches wearing a Mallorca uniform.This is Seok Min-hyeok from TV Chosun.

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