Is there a ‘Iksuball’ in high school football? The direction Dongmyeong FC pursues

Head coach Ahn Ik-soo, who is currently leading the professional football K League 1 FC Seoul, has played soccer with his own distinct color since his days as Sunmoon University coach. At the same time as he took office in the second half of 2021, he earned the nickname ‘Iksu Ball’ and made a winning streak. He made it difficult for the opposing team with tactics that were unfamiliar in the K-League, such as central penetration of fullback resources and defensive midfielders joining the defense. Although he was in 9th place last season due to frequent defensive mistakes and frustrating scoring power, he kept his team color unchanged. This is why a more complete ‘Iksuball’ is expected this season.

There are teams that play similar soccer on the high school stage. Dongmyeong FC is operated as an under-18 team. Founded in December 2021, it is now a team with a short history of about a year, but the performance is extraordinary. In June of last year, he succeeded in advancing to the quarterfinals at the 46th National High School Soccer Tournament held by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Gimcheon. From the first year of its founding, it has achieved more than expected by reaching the quarterfinals in the national competition. At the 59th Blue Dragon National Football Championship held in July, he reached the round of 16, proving that it was no coincidence.

As a result of this achievement, among the first-generation players of Dongmyeong FC, a player who went directly to the pro was born. Jang Myeong-geun joined Busan I-Park. Yoo Min-soo decided to go to Goyang Happiness to participate in the K4 League starting this year. It became the only team among U-18 soccer teams in Busan to have two players advance to a professional team. In addition, one each entered Yeungnam University, Inje University, and Kyungil University. 메이저사이트

The head coach of the Dongmyeong FC U-18 team is Cho Seong-rae, who served as head coach under Sunmoon University coach Ahn Ik-soo. Director Cho received the ‘Iksu Ball’ from coach Ahn Ik-soo during Sunmoon University. It is based on build-up soccer that starts the offensive work with stable ball control and passwork from the defensive area. The way the side defensive resources move to the center and instantly join the midfield fight and gain the upper hand is also very similar.

In the first year of its founding, they achieved results that far exceeded expectations, but they do not prioritize only grades. We strive to improve the basics and tactical understanding that players under the age of 18 can learn. It is the biggest goal to focus on growth when growing, and it is always emphasized. If we develop based on this firm direction, we believe that grades will naturally follow.

General Manager Jang Jong-beom, who is in charge of Dongmyeong FC operation, said, “We plan to create Dongmyeong FC’s own soccer and make it a team that can grow as a student player. In 2023, the goal is to become a team that continues to challenge and soar to a higher place.” expressed his aspirations.

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