“It was unanimous, very satisfied”… The Dodgers, who released a ‘troubleshooter’, opened their mouth for the first time

Los Angeles Dodgers president Andrew Friedman opened his mouth for the first time about the release of Trevor Bauer for ‘sexual assault’. He expressed his satisfaction with the fact that he stopped working with Bauer, the ‘troublesome’.

The American ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 2nd (Korean time), “LA Dodgers officials have opened their mouths in public for the first time since the release of Trevor Bauer.”

Bauer has been accused of assaulting a woman he met through social media last year while having sex with him. The Los Angeles Attorney’s Office did not proceed with a criminal case against Bauer due to lack of evidence, and Bauer proved legally innocent.

However, Major League Baseball, which can impose discipline on players accused of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse even without a conviction, imposed a 324-game suspension on Bauer. Bauer consistently pleaded not guilty, and in December of last year succeeded in reducing his 324-game suspension to 194 메이저사이트 games.

Bauer was scheduled to return to the mound for the 2023 season due to his reduced discipline. But the Dodgers weren’t watching it. The Dodgers decided to remove Trevor Bauer from their 40-man roster on January 7th. And as the club that hopes to sign Bauer does not come out, he has not been able to find a destination so far.

According to ‘The Athletic’ and ‘LA Times’, President Friedman and Chairman Stan Karsten held a press conference. Friedman said: “We reviewed all the information and heard Bauer’s story. It came out that Bauer was violating our policy, and we decided to release him. It was the right decision and we are very happy with our judgment.” revealed

“The Dodgers wanted me to come back and pitch for the team this year,” Bauer claimed in January. In response, Carsten said, “I will neither refute nor agree with what has been said in private conversations.” saved

The Dodgers were passive in reinforcing their power this winter, but suspicions were raised that it was because of the annual salary they had to pay to Bauer. In response, Friedman drew the line, saying, “Bauer did not interfere with the offseason reinforcements.”

Meanwhile, Bauer, like Yasiel Puig, the “Wild Horse,” has lost his place in the major leagues. Bauer naturally has no choice but to turn his gaze abroad. However, all 10 KBO league teams have already completed the composition of foreigners. Therefore, the range of options such as Japan, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico has been reduced.

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