It’s hard to see this kind of loyalty… “I want to retire here”

Marco Reus has expressed his desire to retire from Borussia Dortmund.

Reus, who started playing in Dortmund’s uniform from the 2012-13 season, is already spending 11 years in the team. Under the guidance of coach Jurgen Klopp, he won the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) runner-up, defeated prominent teams and experienced victory in a number of cup competitions, and performed well for a long period of time, becoming Dortmund’s ‘living legend’. ‘.

He is also known for being a loyal player. In the meantime, Reus’ teammates such as Mats Hummels, Robert Lewandowski, and Mario Gotze left for Bayern Munich, but he himself chose to stay, revealing his loyalty to Dortmund. There were a lot of things Dortmund fans would like about Reus, such as his skills, looks, and loyalty.

Lois is already in her mid-thirties. Despite not retaining the form he had in his prime, Reus is still playing for Dortmund this season. In the 6-1 victory over FC Cologne on the 19th (Korean time), Royce started and scored two goals and performed well. In addition, Reus’ second goal in this match was Reus’ 160th goal for Dortmund, and Reus’s goal moved him to second place as Dortmund’s all-time top scorer.

After playing a game that made history, Royce once again moved fans with an interview. “I want to end my playing career here,” Reus said in an interview with Germany’s Sky Sports, revealing his desire to retire at Dortmund.먹튀검증

‘Sky Sports’ explained that Royce’s contract expires this summer, and in order to renew his contract, Royce will have to accept a pay cut. Given the depth of Reus’ affection for Dortmund, a pay cut seems like nothing to Reus.

He is said to be negotiating over a new contract. “We are currently negotiating (with the club over a contract),” Reus said. “The results will come in the next few weeks.”

Reus really intends to remain a ‘Dortmund Man’. In the recent trend of fewer players staying at a club for a long time, Royce’s appearance will be romantic from the fans’ point of view.

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