Jeon Seong-hyun, who called Seo Jang-hoon 20 years ago, “I put three-point shots until I retire”

There is a player who reproduces the scoring ability of the ‘legendary’ Seo Jang-hun, who swept the professional basketball stage 20 years ago, with only a 3-point shot.
This is Goyang Carrot’s ace Jeon Seong-hyun. Reporter Choi Hyeong-gyu met Jeon Seong-hyun, who broke all records related to 3-point shooting.

Seong-Hyun Jeon’s recent performance, which showed what ‘throw it in’ by putting it cleanly even without a defender or with a defender, is truly dazzling.

He made long-term three-pointers with a success rate of over 50%, making 5 per game, and averaging over 25 points, proving himself to be the best shooter in professional basketball.

In particular, the record of 20 points or more in 10 consecutive games posted last month is a record for domestic players to see in 20 years since Seo Jang-hoon, the ‘National Treasure Center’.

Here, he ranked 2nd in overall scoring, and as a local player, he maintained the ‘Top 3’ position in 21 years after Seo Jang-hoon, establishing his pride as a local shooter. 메이저사이트

What’s even more surprising is that he is making steady progress even at the age of 31.

As he easily put in the long-range shots he honed during practice, he is becoming a new legend by shooting 3-pointers in 70 consecutive games, the most in professional basketball.

▶ Interview: Jeon Seong-hyeon / Goyang Carrot Forward
– “I’ve been practicing since about 2017. I practiced with the thought that I would write one day, but I think I put in 7 or 8 (out of 10).”

The remaining goal is to conquer the 200 3-point shot in one season, which no one has surpassed, and advance to the playoffs for the first time since Carrot was founded.

To this end, I am determined to hit the 3-pointer every game until I retire.

– “I am very greedy for three-point shooting streaks. Because I am greedy, I will engrave my name on it until I retire…”

This is Choi Hyung-gyu from MBN News.