Johnson-Mickelson joins top 10 earning sports stars thanks to LIV Golf

Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson (above the United States), who play for LIV Golf, sponsored by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, are included in the top 10 earning stars of global sports in 2023.

On the 4th, Forbes, an American economic magazine, announced 10 sports stars who made a lot of money in 2023. According to this, Johnson and Mickelson were ranked among the top 10 golf players as ‘Yui’. None of the players on the PGA Tour, LIV Golf’s competitive tour, made it to the top 10.

Johnson earned $107 million over the past 12 months, ranking sixth among golf players. Johnson earned 35.6 million dollars (approximately 47.5 billion won) in prize money alone, including a bonus of 18 million dollars (approximately 24 billion won) after being selected as the best individual player at LIV Golf, which was launched last year.

Mickelson earned $106 million (about 141.5 billion won), $1 million behind Johnson, and placed seventh. Mickelson earned $2 million on the course, including a joint runner-up in the Masters held last month and received $1.6 million in prize money, but most of the rest of his income was a signing bonus from LIV Golf. Mickelson earned $45.3 million last year, ranking 31st.

The top three earners were footballers Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Carla Hill Mbappe (France). Ronaldo moved to Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr and earned $136 million (approximately 181.5 billion won), rising to the top spot. This included a signing bonus of 90 million dollars (approximately 120.1 billion won) and an annual salary of 46 million dollars (approximately 61.3 billion won). Messi earned $130 million and Mbappe $120 million.안전놀이터

Forbes, however, estimated that Mickelson received $200 million (about 266.9 billion won) as a signing bonus from LIV Golf, and Johnson received $125 million (about 166.8 billion won). It is pointed out that it is not wrong to say that Mickelson, Johnson and Ronaldo were hit by money due to Saudi Arabia’s oil money that wants sports washing.

LeBron James of the American Professional Basketball (NBA) ranked 4th with $119.5 million (approximately 159.4 billion won), and Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) of professional boxing ranked 5th with $110 million (146.8 billion won). In 8th place is Stephen Curry, who earned $104 million (approximately 138.7 billion won). Roger Federer (Switzerland) of tennis ranked 9th with $95.1 million (approximately 126.9 billion won), and Kevin Durant of the NBA ranked 10th with $89.1 million (approximately 118.9 billion won).

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