Jon Jones Daejeon-ryo, second after McGregor. Adesanya overtakes former runner-up

Jones’ fight fee is second overall, still number one with McGregor, while former middleweight champion Adesanya has dropped to number three.

Richard Shaffer, Jones’ agent, appeared on ‘MMA Hour’ and talked about the tedious negotiation process between the UFC and Jones that lasted two and a half years. will,” he said.

“Both sides made concessions, so the contract was able to come through, and as a result, UFC 285 with Jones and Cyril Ganeh was concluded on March 5th,” he said. 메이저사이트

However, Jones’ exact match fee was not disclosed. There is also speculation that McGregor’s 90% line is circulating, but it is impossible to know for sure because the UFC has never disclosed fight money.

McGregor’s publicly known fight fee so far was against Donald Cerrone in January 2020.

At the time, McGregor received 2.4 million pounds (about 3.65 billion won). This is pure competition fee and does not include bonuses and paid purchases.

Adesanya signed a new contract with the UFC in February of last year, and expressed satisfaction with the terms of the contract, saying in an interview with ‘Sunsports’ that ‘the UFC properly recognized my value’.

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