Kang Min-ho, a ’20-year pro’, is too busy being cute in front of coach Park Heung-sik, and Dong Hee-ya, ‘listen carefully to coach’

‘I love you so much’ Kang Min-ho, 20 years into his professional career, was just another student of Park Heung-sik.

When Samsung Lions catcher Kang Min-ho arrived at Munsu Baseball Stadium in Ulsan on June 6, he immediately ran to see his coach, Park Heung-sik, who was still on the field. After taking a day off because his hand wasn’t in perfect condition the day before, Kang Min-ho arrived at the stadium the next day and headed straight for the Lotte camp with a cheerful expression on his face.메이저사이트

The Lotte Giants batting practice was in full swing. Hitting coach Park Heung-sik was giving batting coaching to Han Dong-hee. Kang Min-ho casually walked in between Park and Han and exchanged pleasantries with Park.

Park Heung-sik, who was the hitting coach for Lotte’s first team in the 2013-2014 season, spent a lot of time with Kang Min-ho at the time.

Kang Min-ho, now a veteran catcher with 20 years of professional experience, looked like a child in front of Park Heung-sik. Heung-sik Park, who was happy to see his student after a long time, stroked Kang Min-ho’s body and shared his affection.

After making eye contact with Han Dong-hee, who approached him, Kang Min-ho gave him some advice for his junior. Before leaving, Kang Min-ho gestured for Han Dong-hee to listen to what Heung-sik had to say, and she responded with a smile.

After a brief but warm exchange with Park, Kang Min-ho headed back to the Samsung dugout with a smile on his face.

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