Kim Eun-ji 6th dan, Dr. Seol-syung 9th dan in the first round of the Dr. Ji finals

Kim Eun-ji (16) avenged her loss a week ago.

Kim Eun-ji won a hundred moves in 234 moves against Choi Jung-nine in Game 1 of the Final 3 of the 2023 Dr.J. Women’s Supreme Knight Decider at K-Baduk Studio in Pangyo, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, on April 22.메이저사이트

Kim lost in game 1 of the third round of the IBK Women’s Go Masters Final on Nov. 16. But she evened the score in another final a week later.

Born in 2007, Kim Eun-ji is the next big threat to the reigning champions of Korean women’s go. Just three years into her career, she has emerged as the only real threat to Choi Jeong, who has reigned supreme in women’s go for the past decade.

This was reflected in the matchup between IBK’s Bae and Dr. Ji in the Supreme Knight Decider. As Kim Eun-ji goes on a relentless pursuit to topple Choi Jung’s castle, Choi Jung is bound to feel the pressure more.

“I wasn’t convinced that I had won the whole time because it seemed to be subtle until the end,” Kim Eun-ji said after the match, adding, “I work a lot with AI. I’m playing with Choi Jung, who is stronger than me, so I think I can learn from her.”

The two will compete in the final two of the IBK Women’s Go Masters on the 23rd before the final two of the Dr.G. Top Knight Decider on the 25th.

Their battle for the top spot in women’s go is drawing the attention of go fans.

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