Klinsmann appoints Stringara, a coach specializing in Italian lower leagues

It has been reported that Jurgen Klinsmann, the new head coach of the men’s national soccer team, will appoint Paolo Stringara from Italy as his first coach.

The Italian newspaper ‘Calcionapoli 24’ reported that Klinsmann decided to appoint Stringara as the first of four coaches. At the same time, he noted that he had a relationship with Kim Min-jae, a star in the Naples area.

Stringa Gara built a successful career by advancing to Inter Milan during his active career. However, he did not stay long at the big clubs and he played for several clubs before retiring as a player at the age of 34. In his final season as a player,메이저사이트 he started his coaching career as a player-manager, with several Italian teams, mainly in the lower leagues. His relatively famous teams include Livorno, Perugia and Foggia.

Coach Klinsmann and Stringara were colleagues at Inter. They seem to have built a close relationship since Stringara is only two years older. In 2016, when he was already on the decline as head coach of the U.S. National Team, Klinsman called up Stringara to serve as assistant coach. However, in November of that year, when coach Klinsman was sacked, the two became job seekers side by side. We maintained a close relationship for a while and found the next job together, but Klinsman did not accompany Stringara when he joined Hertha BSC, and then in 2021, Stringara took office as manager of Pro Livorno in the fourth division of Italy. The Italian Division 4 is classified as amateur. However, when he fell to the bottom of the 4th division, he resigned after 4 months.

In other words, he was the right-hand man of director Klinsman until most recently. Except for Stringara, most of the coaches in the US, Hertha BSC, are challenging for professional coaching positions.

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