Konkuk University Kim Do-yeon fills the position of shooter who left Baek Ji-woong

“I am prepared to be criticized (laughs). I will do my best even if I cannot fill 100% of Baek Ji-woong hyung.”

Colleges have different strengths every year, with players graduating or entering the professional league. Baek Ji-woong, Kim Ki-tae, and Bae Seong-jae graduated from Konkuk University. Among them, the core force is Baek Ji-woong.

Baek Ji-woong, who was in charge of the team’s outskirts, succeeded in averaging 12.6 points and 2.9 3-pointers in the college basketball league last year. His 3-point attempt itself is 9.7, so his success rate is not high at 30.1%. Even so, he dragged the opposing defense. 스포츠토토

The player who needs to fill the gap left by Baek Ji-woong is Kim Do-yeon (190cm, F). Kim Do-yeon recorded an average of 4.3 points and a 3-point success rate of 26.8% (11/41) in college basketball lease last year. He didn’t make many 3-point attempts, and his success rate wasn’t high either.

Still, he showed potential. On May 20 last year, in a game against Yonsei University, he scored 20 points and 13 rebounds by shooting four 3-pointers. Even if Kim Do-yeon throws a cool 3-point shot from the outside, Konkuk University, where Freddy is holding out, can easily play the game.

Kim Do-yeon, whom I met during winter training in Jeju Island, said, “This is already the third time. In the freshman and sophomore years, he gained a lot of experience by watching his older brothers play. He is in his third year, so I feel that he has gained a lot of responsibility,” he said. “If this year goes well, there will be more opportunities next year. So, I go ahead with the thought that this year will be my last. It’s unfortunate that I’m still not in 100% physical condition, but I’m going to do my best to prepare,” he told me how he was digesting winter training.

Kim Do-yeon, who tended to throw outside while focusing on defense in his freshman and sophomore years, said, “I didn’t feel any pressure. In the first and second grades, he helped his older brothers and only played the role he was given,” he said. In his third year, he needs to play more carefully, so he studies this part a lot.”

If the shooter plays carefully, it can be seen as hesitating.

Kim Do-yeon said, “I get a lot of criticism for not being able to afford it. When he got the ball, he didn’t worry.

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