Korea and Japan lost in a penalty shootout side by side… The real competition is the U20 World Cup

South Korea and Japan lost in the semi-finals of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-20 Asian Cup side by side after a penalty shootout. Now, the two countries will compete in the International Football Federation U20 World Cup to be held in Indonesia in May.

The Korean U-20 soccer team, led by coach Kim Eun-joong, drew 0-0 with Uzbekistan in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation U-20 Asian Cup semifinals held at the Milly Stadium in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on the 16th (Korean time). They lost 1-3 in the penalty shootout.

Korea started off shaky with the first kicker Kang Seong-jin and the second kicker Kang Sang-yoon failing consecutively. The third kicker, Park Chang-woo, was successful, but Kim Ji-soo, who took the fourth kick, was blocked and knelt down.

Coincidentally, Japan also lost in the semifinals after a penalty shoot-out. Japan, which faced Iraq, lost 3-5 in the penalty shootout after drawing 2-2 until overtime.

Japan’s second kicker, Kodai Sano, attempted a kick reminiscent of Jorginho (Chelsea) and missed it, and eventually lost without being able to overcome it.

There was no 3rd or 4th place match in this tournament, so the Korea-Japan match did not happen.

With this, Korea and Japan were again unable to distinguish between superiority and inferiority following the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. At last year’s World Cup in Qatar, both Korea and Japan were eliminated in the round of 16. South Korea was defeated by Brazil and Japan was defeated by Croatia, respectively, so they did not advance to the quarterfinals.

Accordingly, the next tournament in which Korea and Japan will compete is expected to be the U20 World Cup held in Indonesia in May.

South Korea and Japan will represent Asia at the U20 World Cup, along with Uzbekistan, Iraq, and host Indonesia.먹튀검증

In Europe, England, France, Israel, Italy and Slovakia have confirmed their participation. In South America, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay take the lead. In North and Central America, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Honduras will participate. In Africa, the Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia take the lead. In Oceania, Fiji and New Zealand compete.

The Korean under-20 national team finished fourth in 1983 and advanced to the quarterfinals in 1991. Following the round of 16 in 2003, the quarterfinals in 2009, the quarterfinals in 2013, and the round of 16 in 2017, they won the runner-up in 2019.

Japan won the 1999 runner-up in the event. He then reached the quarterfinals in 2003 and the round of 16 in 2005 and 2007. Japan, which failed to advance to the finals in four consecutive tournaments, reached the round of 16 in the 2017 and 2019 tournaments.

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