Kyonggi Physical Education High School, a ‘prestige’ in girls’ high school judo, dominates after 2 years as the president of Yongin University

Gyeonggi Physical Education High School, the ‘famous house’ of girls’ high school judo, regained the top in two years in the women’s high school group competition at the 2023 Yongin University President’s National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High Judo Competition, and won the second crown of the season.

Gyeonggi Physical Education High School, led by coach Jeong Do-woon and coach Kim Min-soo, defeated Lee Eun-byeol, Go Eun-ah, and Bae Si-eun in the girls’ high school team finals on the last day of the competition held at Yanggu Culture Gymnasium in Gangwon-do on the 11th, and Lee Hyun-ji and Hong Gyuri fought hard at Jeju Namnyeong High School. He struggled to beat him 3-2 and won.

As a result, the winning team of the 2021 competition, Gyeonggi Height, returned to normal in two years, and held the second supremacy of the season following the Suncheon Bay National Garden Cup Competition in March. Eunah Ko, the gold medalist in the 63kg class, contributed to her team’s victory by winning both team events and won two gold medals in the event.

Gyeonggi Physical Education High School got off to a fresh start with Lee Eun-byeol, the first judge in the final, winning the coaching victory over Go Miso of Namnyeong High School.

However, Gyeonggi Physical Education High School took the lead again the day before the third round, with Go Eun-ah, the winner of the 63kg class, beating Jeong Hye-won with her shoulder. Then, the 4th judge Jeong Seon-ah was defeated by Hong Gyu-ri, allowing a 2-2 tie again, and the match went to the last game.

In the last edition, Gyeonggi Che High School, Bae Si-eun took three maps from Namnyeong High School Kim Ye-rim with an active offensive and recaptured the top spot.

Gyeonggi Physical Education High School coach Jeong Do-woon said, “The opponent had Lee Hyeon-ji, who is a sure ace, and the other players were also not formidable, so we won the championship with great difficulty.” We have the same power, so we will strengthen our skills and keep the top.”

Previously, Gyeonggi Physical Education High School defeated Jeonju Jeonbuk Girls’ High School 3-0 in the first round and then withdrew from Gochang Youngseon High School in the quarterfinals. He beat them 1-1 and made it to the finals. 먹튀검증

Meanwhile, Incheon Songdo High School, which lost 2 to 4 to Gyeongnam Physical Education High School in the semifinals of the South High School Team Competition, tied for third place. On the other hand, Gyeongmin High School, the strongest in the South High School Division, was eliminated in the second round by a complete loss to the runner-up and rival Seoul Boseong High School, 0-4.

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