Lakers on the rise, Seagulls taking a break… Scheduled to miss the game on the 16th

Davis is out.

Los Angeles Lakers manager Davin Hamm reported on Anthony Davis in an interview after the game against the New Orleans Pelicans on the 15th (Korean time).

The recent rise of the Lakers is amazing. The Lakers, who were in a desperate situation, won 8 of the previous 11 games and entered the play-in tournament. Depending on the results of the remaining games, it is a situation worth aiming for directly to the playoffs. In addition, it is encouraging that the game is not bad even with Lebron James’ absence.

Even in the game against New Orleans that day, the Lakers left the court with a smile. The performance of Anthony Davis was especially outstanding. Against his home team, Davis poured out 35 points and 17 rebounds to give the Lakers the victory.

Davis showed off a distinct presence. However, Davis is not expected to be seen on the court in the next match against Houston on the 16th.  안전놀이터

Davis, who has had a difficult time over the past few seasons due to serious injury issues, is scheduled to miss the Houston game in terms of back-to-back game management. It is said that there is no major problem with his physical condition, but the approval for his back-to-back appearance has not yet been given.

Coach Davin Hamm said, “Anthony Davis will not be playing against Houston. He has not yet been approved for a back-to-back game. There is no pain at all, but there has been a decision at the club level not to send him to a back-to-back game.”

The opponent is Houston, which is the lowest in the West, but the Lakers can never be vigilant because they are missing Davis following LeBron. Houston also caused a surprise by catching strong Boston in a recent game.

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