LG Bae Chinese representative coming over in 4 years

The Chinese representative who will participate in the 28th LG Cup finals has appeared. China will have 2 players as national seed and 4 players as selection match. In addition, winner Ding Hao 9P and runner-up Yang Dingxin 9P were seeded for the tournament.

The national seed went to Li Xuanhao 9th Dan and Mi Yu Ting 9th Dan, who had the highest scores among the national team members. Li Xuanhao, currently ranked second in China, will appear in the finals after the round of 32 of the 17th, 19th, 24th, and 25th tournaments. Mi Yu Ting, who won three gold medals in the Chinese Mechatronics, is a member of the quarterfinals of the first quarter and the semifinals of the first half. 토스카지노

In the selection round, Gu Zhao, 3rd in April China ranking, 9p, Li Weiqing, 11th, 9p, and Wang Xinghao, 18th, 7p, passed. Gu Zihao will be in the finals after round of 32 in round 23, round of 16 in round 25, and round of 24 in round 27. Li Wei-qing is the final round after the round of 32 in the 19th inning, and Wang Xing-hao is the first. In the remaining one, the winner of the postponed Ke Jie-Dang Yifei match will be held in the final match against Tuenzi Xi 9th Dan.

The Chinese selection process was conducted in two stages. For national team players, 12 people were given direct tickets to the second stage according to the latest rankings (as of March). In addition, 16 people participating in the first stage were additionally selected, and four finalists were selected through a four-group tournament.

The 2nd stage was a tournament in which 16 people, consisting of 12 people who went straight ahead and 4 people who went through the 1st stage, were divided into 4 groups, and the final 4 people were selected. The time limit for the preliminary round is 2 hours, and the countdown is 40 seconds 5 times.

On the other hand, Taiwan held a selection match for the first national seed, and as a result, 21-year-old Lai Jun-fu (8p) defeated Xu Jing-en (5p), Chen Chirui (8p), and Xu Hao-hong (9p) in order to earn the right to participate.

In Korea, Shin Jin-seo, Park Jeong-hwan, Byun Sang-il, and Ahn Guk-hyeon (9th dan) received the national seed, and the preliminary match will be held from the 18th to the 25th. 235 riders have applied for participation, and 7 of them will take the final ticket. The Japanese selection tournament to select one person will be held on the 18th. The finals, which will be held face-to-face for the first time in four years, will open on May 29 at Konjiam Resort in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do.

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