LG Min-Sung Kim, anterior thigh muscle injury, needs 4 weeks of rehabilitation

LG Twins infielder Kim Min-sung (35) was removed from the first team roster on June 6.

Kim started at second base against the KT Wiz in Jamsil on the previous day (May 5), but was removed before the start of the fourth inning due to discomfort in his thigh. A medical examination on June 6 confirmed the damage to the anterior muscle in his left thigh. He was told he would be out for more than four weeks. He is expected to miss the remainder of the first half as well as the beginning of the second half. He could return in August at the earliest. The loss of the utility infielder, who has played every position in the infield since the start of the season and has been an all-around performer as a starter and backup, is a big loss for LG.

However, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop wasn’t in a bad mood. He seemed to think that Kim Min-sung, who struggled in the first half, could be a call-up. “I don’t think (Kim) Min-sung thought he would be able to play so many games himself,” said Yeom, who smiled, “He’s been playing so well since the start. I hope he’ll be able to help the team again in the second half of the season with good maintenance after his injury.” He continued, “I need (Son) Ho-young to play the role that (Kim) Min-sung played. He had one injury this season, so I hope he can stay injury-free and keep his place in the first team.”메이저사이트

The LG coaching staff categorized Min-sung as the main backup when preparing for this season. The idea was to use him as a substitute to manage the health of the main players because of his excellent defense. He was even prepared to play first base. However, due to Oh Ji-hwan’s injury and Seo Geon-chang’s slump, Kim Min-sung was often used as a starter rather than a substitute right from the start. His batting, which had been lackluster for the past two years, has also improved as he continues to play. He played in 70 games this season, batting .288 with four home runs and 31 RBIs, making a strong contribution to the team through both the air and the water.

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