‘Little inside?’ The biggest enemy that Woori Bank has to overcome is ‘injury’

Woori Bank, who had an overwhelming first half, seems to have an internal enemy to overcome in order to be smiling even at the end of the season.

Asan Woori Bank finished the first half of Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball with 16 wins and 1 loss. He is also on a 13-game winning streak and is currently on the way.

Due to the overwhelming performance, there are already many opinions that the first place in the regular league belongs to Woori Bank. Woori Bank is already excluded from the fierce ranking battle that will unfold in the second half.

However, Woori Bank, which declared win-now by recruiting bench members, including ‘Maximum Fish’ Kim Dan-bi, is not a team that will be satisfied with first place in the regular league. Their goal is to win the championship game beyond winning the regular league. Although Woori Bank has a strong image as the dominant player in women’s basketball, they have to go back 5 seasons to reach the top (winning the 2017-2018 season).

There is also KB Stars, the ‘defending champion’ Park Ji-soo returned to what Woori Bank has to overcome to reach the top, but there are even more dangerous reefs. It’s the players’ injuries. In the end, the existence that will plague Woori Bank until the end of the season will be the injuries of key players.

The strength of the starting lineup is the strongest in the league, but Woori Bank has the fewest available personnel in the league. That’s why the blow of one player, one injury is bigger. This is why Woori Bank should be more careful about injuries than other teams.

Woori Bank has already lost bench member Kim Eun-sun, who did her part. This season, Kim Eun-sun was showing a clear presence along with Na Yoon-jung, so it was a more unfortunate departure. Woori Bank manager Seong-Woo Lee also praised her, saying, “A player who knows how to play basketball,” so he expressed great concern after her injury.

Park Hye-jin was also absent due to a foot injury at the end of the first half. Since there is already room in the ranking fight, coach Seong-Woo Lee did not allow Park Hye-Jin to participate in the first half. In addition to Park Hye-jin, the key players are not young, so you should always keep an eye on physical fitness and injury problems in the second half.바카라사이트

Kim Dan-bi, who is experiencing Woori Bank for the first time this season, also said that the situation with a small number of available people is unfamiliar. After the last game of the first half, Kim Dan-bi said, “As (Kim) Eun-seon was injured, the available number of players decreased. This is the first time this has happened (laughs). I asked (Park) Hyejin, but she said that I just had to overcome it well. Still, Woori Bank’s strength is that if someone is lacking, other players fill it up. In the second half, I want to play basketball with more people available.”

The positive part is that Noh Hyun-ji will return from injury in the second half. Can Woori Bank overcome not only external enemies but also injuries and become the main character of this season? Woori Bank will start the second half with a match against BNK Some on the 14th.

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