Lopinot residents capture a prison escapee

HOURS after he allegedly escaped from Golden Grove prison, Lopinot residents captured an Arima man and he faces additional jail time if convicted.

According to prison reports, Siew Persad, alias “Ramdass,” from Blanchisseuse Road, Arima, was captured around 4 pm on Friday. The convicted chicken thief allegedly escaped from the prison on Friday morning while he and other inmates were on the southeast side of the prison tending the prison garden. Persad was absent when prison officials did a count around 9 am. 토토사이트

Police said Persad was recaptured in Lopinot and will be charged with escaping legal custody.

Last December, Persad was sentenced to a year in prison after he pleaded guilty to stealing chickens from a farmer.

The leak came just a day after the Prison Wardens Association complained that there is no working alarm system in the prison. On Thursday, the president of the association Ceron Richards said that the Maximum Security Prison has not had an alarm system for years.

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