Los Angeles Lakers Savior Used Rookie Austin Reeves

“Who is he?” The Los Angeles Lakers continued their hopes of advancing to the playoffs by enjoying two consecutive wins thanks to the surprise performance of rookie Austin Reeves. The Lakers won 122-111 in an NBA (US Professional Basketball) home game against the Phoenix Suns at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California on the 23rd. Season record 36 wins 37 losses. 10th out of 15 teams in the Western Conference. The Utah Jazz, who had been in 10th place until the previous day, lost on the day (35-37) and went up one notch. He also ended his 6-game losing streak against the Suns. In the NBA playoffs, the teams ranked 1st to 6th in the Eastern and Western Conferences advance directly, and the 7th to 10th places play a ‘play-in tournament’, and the two winning teams can advance to the playoffs. 10th place is the last line to advance to the playoffs.

On this day, the Lakers’ white shooting guard Reeves (25) stood out. With star star LeBron James out of action due to a right foot injury earlier this month, Reeves led the way. He recorded 25 points and 11 assists in 39 minutes of play. Recorded the most offensive contributions on the team. He made 12 of 13 free throws, which was impressive. Reeves played a high-level performance in college basketball (University of Wichita, University of Oklahoma) for five years, but was unable to be nominated as a new NBA player and signed a ‘two-way contract’ (a contract to play in the NBA as a member of the lower league G League of the NBA) from 2021 to 2022 I entered the season pro. Last season, as a member of the Lakers, he posted 7.3 points per game and was recognized for his potential, and this season, he is recording 12.0 points per game as he has more opportunities to play. 토토사이트

In the match against the Suns, Reeves did his part on both sides of the offense and defense, tying the opposing team’s all-star guard Chris Paul (38) to 18 points with dedicated defense. He took 13 free throws and made 12 of them. His season free throw success rate is 85.8%, which is second on the team. Reeves scored 35 points on 16 of 18 free throws in the previous match against the Orlando Magic, taking the lead in the victory. The crowd cheered for Reeves while cheering “MVP!” The Suns struggled with 33 points from Devin Booker, but could not fill the void left by Kevin Durant and DeAndre Ayton.

The Lakers are chasing 6th place Golden State Warriors (38-36) by 1.5 games with 9 out of 82 games left in the regular season. At the same time, they are being chased by the New Orleans Pelicans (35-37) in 12th place by 0.5 games, so advancing to the playoffs is not guaranteed. Reeves said, “I think I’m going crazy, but that’s why I play in the game. I eagerly hoped to be noticed and run in moments full of tension,” he said.

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