Lost by foul in the senior tournament that eliminated time loss

The 10th Grand Jubae Senior Men’s and

Women’s Strongest Players Round of 16 Defeat Yoo Chang-hyeokㆍKim Hye-min, Park Ji-eunㆍChoi Myung-hun (Hangame Baduk=Reporter Han Chang-gyu ) A battle between the two sides took place.

Yoo Chang-hyeok, 9th dan, defeated Park Ji-eun, 9th dan. An interesting confrontation between 9th Dan Changhyeok Yoo and Jieun Park, nicknamed ‘Woman Changhyeok Yoo’, took place 11 years and 6 months after the 2011 Jiji Auction. The total number of matches is 7th.

The nickname Park Ji-eun got after joining the club is ‘female Yoo Chang-hyeok’. 9th Dan Yoo Chang-hyeok, whose trademark is a flashy attack, is nicknamed ‘the best striker in the world’. Her militant and powerful Park Ji-eun’s ethos was similar to Yoo Chang-hyuk’s. Showing a stronger figure in her big game is also a similarity.

Yoo Chang-hyeok, 9th dan, did not succeed after 169 moves, leading the opponent with 5 wins and 2 losses. This was the cleanest content of the finals. Yoo Chang-hyuk’s 9th-dan game management was excellent enough that Park Ji-eun’s 9th-dan Go game did not survive.

9th dan Yoo Chang-hyeok said, “I was a little unfamiliar and anxious because I hadn’t played a match recently, but it seems to have ended well.” ” said his feelings. 먹튀검증

Yoo Chang-hyeok, 9th Dan, who has been participating since the 6th competition, had the best performance in the grand jury competition, being runner-up in the previous season. In the quarterfinals, he faces off against the winner Lee Gi-seop – Park So-hyun. Park Ji-eun, 9th Dan, made the round of 16 in the 4th period, the quarterfinals in the 5th period, the quarterfinals in the 7th period, the round of 16 in the 8th period, and the round of 16 in the 10th period.

In another round of 16, Hye-Min Kim, 9P, won a foul against Myung-Hoon Choi, 9P. In Bansang, where it was difficult to foresee the outcome while both sides were unable to keep a big advantage, Choi Myung-hoon, 9th Dan, made the mistake of winning the hand without using a pad before the goal.

Kim Hye-min, 9th Dan, said, “I think it didn’t go well in the end, but I won luckily. I thought I’d let it go well in the beginning, but in the middle and late half, I was shaken a lot, and the master was shaken a lot, so it seems like a bout of regret.”

Kim Hye-min, 9th Dan, who has been participating since the 5th daejubae, is the winner of the first half. In the quarterfinals, he meets Kang Da-jeong, a 3rd-dan player who has won 4 matches against opponents. Choi Myung-hoon, 9th Dan, finished his first season in the round of 16.

On the other hand, the 10th Grand Jury, targeting male drivers over 45 years of age (born before 1978) and female drivers over 30 years of age (born before 1993), eliminated the ‘time table’ in the finals. Instead, when exhausted until the countdown, 2 albums each time are deducted as penalty points.

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