Manel Cop’s confrontation with veteran Alex Perez wins by KO!

“Alex Perez’s momentum has now weakened. Now my time has come.”

Manel Kap, from Portugal, the country of football emperor Cristiano Ronaldo, was confident of victory. Cobb will compete against Alex Perez at UFC Fight Night in San Antonio, Texas on the 26th. He is in the flyweight division.

Cobb, who has a record of 18 wins and 6 losses, conducted an interview with this magazine prior to the confrontation with veteran Perez. Perez is mired in a two-game losing streak while Cobb is on a three-game winning streak. If he wins against Perez in this matchup, Cobb’s title shot can come into sight.

“Perez is a good fighter,” Cobb said. But his momentum has now waned. now is my time I think he will win easily.”

– Known as a huge soccer fan. How did you see the match between Korea and Portugal at last year’s World Cup?

I can’t remember the names of the players, but the Korean team was really impressive. The spirit was great, and the teamwork was good.

-A video of you arguing with Khabib Nurmagomedov about soccer became a hot topic. Khabib showed off his soccer knowledge, and you countered that you were actually better at soccer than Khabib. Do you still think that being really good at football is more important than having a lot of football knowledge?

Of course. What knowledge is needed is a coach, and what a player needs is game ability. Now Khabib is a coach and I am a player.

– Who is your favorite soccer player?

Cristiano Ronaldo, of course, playing for his country.

-Many people say that great athletes like Ronaldo in soccer or LeBron James in basketball will do well in MMA. Do you agree? Or do you think fighters need different talents?

Of course. look at me I have all the talents to become a top athlete. Just look at the best fighters in the UFC and you’ll see.

MMA requires more effort. We have to focus on many things. So sometimes it’s really hard to excel in all areas. We have to have excellent skills in many martial arts fields. If you are a soccer player, you only have to focus on one part: soccer. If you train like that every day, your skills will improve. But fighters are different. You may not know about boxing, but in MMA you have to be good at everything. Boxing, taekwondo, kickboxing, karate, wrestling – you have to do well in all these fields. You have to train every day with strict discipline. It’s because it’s much more difficult than doing one part of martial arts or one part of another sport.

-Where did you train for this showdown?

Trained at Extreme Couture in Las Vegas. There were many partners. There are many killers in Extreme Couture. Trained with brothers Farid Basharat and Javid Basharat. This time I trained a lot, especially with Said Nurmagomedov. We trained a lot together during the game last December. It was a really good camp.

-How do you expect the match against Perez?

We’re going to have a melee. i will move on I have great footwork. It’s going to be a fun game, and there’s going to be a lot of big attacks on Perez. If Perez makes a mistake, he will pay for it. He’ll try to wrestle, then I’ll defend it, wrestle back, and knock him out.

-Alexander Pantoza, who has beaten Brandon Moreno twice, is likely to get his next title shot. If you win this match, who would you like?

i will wait Or if Davidson Figueredo is ready, he will fight him. I think this is reasonable. I will either win this match and get a title shot or fight Figueredu.

-He was active as a bantamweight fighter for Raijin in Japan. Can you tell me how much Ryjin paid for the match?

can’t tell that But they paid well for the fight. gave a lot of money I’m happy to come to the UFC. I was happy when I was in Japan. What a wonderful group. I am now in one of the best teams in the world, the UFC. I’m really happy to be with the UFC and be the best in the world.

-You fought a lot with Japanese fighters like Kyoji Horiguchi and Kai Asakura. How good do you think these two fighters are?

They consider themselves top-notch fighters. Both were the toughest opponents in my career. I think they are the top 3 players in the world.

-Asian fighters are relatively small compared to European or American fighters. Do you think they are competitive enough in flyweight or bantamweight?

Clearly so. Training is important. Asians can do well if they put on some more muscle. Asians excel in speed, fight IQ, timing, and accuracy. With more strength and conditioning training, you can become a very intimidating player.

-In the beginning of your entry into the UFC, you hesitated slightly and suffered two consecutive losses. After that, you are running 3 consecutive victories, but did you suffer from octagon depression (a phenomenon in which fighters entering the UFC for the first time are nervous and cannot show their skills) in the beginning?

Not like that. I couldn’t move forward because the floor was slippery then. But I don’t cling to the past. I think of the future and the present. What matters is not how you start, but how you end. I’m doing well now, and I’m winning. I will take all the glory in the future. 메이저사이트

-Please say hello to Korean fans

. Hello. Dear Korean fans, I love Korean food, especially Korean BBQ. Greetings. I hope Korean fans will continue to support me. 

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