Marília Mendonça receives tribute from famous friends

Marília Mendonça, arguably one of Brazil’s most famous modern singers, died in a plane crash aged 26, officials said by chance in a rural region of Minas Gerais, in southern Japan.
An investigation was published to investigate the cause of
Cantora Marilia Mendonça, finally the great winner of the Latin Grammy of the year 2019, is best known for specializing in movements linked to the femininejo movement of women with complicated and failed relationships.
Mendonça, one of the biggest names on the Brazilian track in the US Sertanejo, began his career as a teenager and became a national mega star of country music in 2016 with success in infidelidade. She has been referred to as America’s Queen of Suffering.
Last year the shows were canceled due to the pandemic, she did several shows online. One of them set the record for the most watched live stream in the world with a whopping 3.3 million YouTube viewers.
In 2020, she became the most heard artist in Brazil on Spotify.
Mendonça, son of The Have a Two Year Old Vintage who will perform live on Friday night in the metropolis of Caratinga, 12 km from the online crash site. Hours before the turn of events, she posted a video on social media arranging to board her personal plane.

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The team singers had to do it. She said she was alive and soon after the news of the accident came out. Later TV footage showed the plane crashed near a waterfall in a mountainous place.
After his death was confirmed, Brazilian soccer player Neymar said on Twitter: I refuse to accept this as true, I refuse. Singer Anitta said: I cannot agree with that. I want to accept as true that there is still pleasure. , after the tragic plane crash in which the artist and four people died in Minas Gerais. The country singer, who broke the net for having the most permanence in YouTube history sometime at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020, is survived by a year-old son and feelings of nostalgia across the entire United States of America메이저사이트. .
Wesley Safadão, the artist’s non-public partner and with whom he shared levels in various activities, said he was in mourning. On social media, the singer wrote that Marília Mendonça’s star would shine all the time and would like to extend her condolences to the family and friends of the victims who were on the plane. Your famous person will shine forever, rest in peace Marília Mendonça. Wesley Safadão posted my condolences to his family and friends of all who embarked on Twitter.
Comedian and TV presenter Danilo Gentil i with the singer. On social networks, the presenter published photos of him and Marília Mendonça toasting glasses of beer for the duration of one of the versions of the program A Noite, with Danilo Gentili, from SBT.
Devastated, comedian Tirulipa said he did not believe in the turn of fate. I can’t believe that Marília Mendonça died, people. My God. Say it’s a lie, my God, please. Our queen of suffering, the artist wrote in surprise on social media.
Luísa Sonza, pop singer and one of Marília Mendonça’s best friends, let slip in a post on Twitter that she was destroyed. Less than 3 months ago, the artists jointly released the Tune Best Alone video.
Youtuber and influencer Felipe Neto also mourned the death of the sertanejo singer. On social networks, the artist referred to the loss of Marília Mendonça and that the artist had made records. What a tragedy, what a disappointment, what a loss. Deepest emotions to the families of all those who suffered from this terrible coincidence. Marília Mendonça, you broke records. There is no sentence, complained Felipe Neto on Twitter.
Soccer player Neymar Jr. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Brazil’s national striker also mourned the loss of Marília Mendonça. The athlete wrote in a post on Twitter that he refused to rely on the tragedy. For the 2019 anniversary, Marília – Neymar’s personal friend – performed a special miracle and sang Happy Birthday to you, so moved.

Success and records
After a successful trajectory at the age of 26, the young singer began composing songs and collecting hits throughout Brazil at the age of 12, such as Infiel, Supera, Ciumeira and Whose Fault.
In the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic, the time that made commerce its commonplace for people from all over the world to adapt to the new challenging situations on the planet, Marília Mendonça put on a show of her own. At a time when it was not possible to do live concerts with the audience present due to the crowd, the artist had to watch as much as possible live on Youtube recordings.
The singer broke the world record for simultaneous visitors to a Live on the platform, reaching 3.2 million people at the same time on the night of April 8, 2020, at a time when the transmission of live programs over the internet was still becoming becoming a trend.
At that time The artist’s performance surpassed the range of simultaneous views of the US duo Jorge and Mateus, who reached 3.1 million simultaneous viewers through a concert streamed on YouTube, in addition to the Ultimate Year of April, on the 4th ..
In May 2019, Marília Mendonça recorded the DVD Te Vejo em Todos os Cantos with an apotheotic show at Largo de São Sebastião, in the center of Manaus, in Amazonas. At the event, 60,000 people watched the exhibition, now considered the artist’s document.

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