‘Netflix Curse’ over the Australian Open

The Australian Open, the first Grand Slam event of the season, is under the so-called ‘Netflix Curse’.

On the 21st (Korean time), ‘AP’ introduced ‘The Curse of Netflix’, which is circulating at the Australian Open. It is a word that was created as the players who competed in a documentary series called ‘Break Point’, which is currently being aired on Netflix, raise the bitter cup of elimination in this competition one by one.

Nick Kirios from Episode 1, Isla Tomrianovic from Episode 2, and Paula Vadosa from Episode 4 withdrew due to injuries. Tanashi Kokinakis, who appeared in Episode 1, and Mattio Berretini, who appeared in Episode 2, kneeled against veteran Andy Murray in the second and first rounds, respectively.

Maria Sakari, who appeared in the third episode, was defeated by Zurin, ranked 87th in the world rankings, and Taylor Fritz, who was defeated by Alexei Porphyrin, ranked 113th, both fell victim to an accident. Ons Javert and Casper Rudd, who appeared in Episode 4, were also eliminated.

Among the athletes featured in this documentary, Felix Auger Aliasim (23), a Canadian, is the only one who has survived the individual singles so far.메이저사이트

The sixth-ranked player in the world and a quarterfinalist at the 2021 US Open said in an interview after winning the fourth round that he did not know about the curse. “You might think that the players who lost the game might have something to do with it,” he said. I don’t think so,” he denied the existence of the curse.

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