‘Not yesterday, possible today?’ ‥ Preparing video reading regulations

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In professional volleyball, there is a recent controversy over video reading.

The Professional Volleyball Federation belatedly issued guidelines.

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In the game on the 27th of last month, even though the net touch was clear, the video review result declared a no-touch.

[Director Injeong Hu/Director of KB Insurance]
“Come out! Don’t do it! If you’re going to do this, then what are you going to do with the game! The players are working so hard to play the season, what are you doing!”

The judges and match officials belatedly acknowledged the mistake, but they tried to persuade by mentioning the non-existent rule, and the decision was not overturned.

[Nam Young-soo/Judge referee]
“It’s our rule that we can’t change even if we feel unfair. It’s true that it was our mistake.”

But the last 7 days were the exact opposite.

As a result of the video reading, the game committee members who declared the ‘for hit’ foul for touching the ball four times saw another screen and overturned it. 안전놀이터

[Choi Tae-woong/Hyundai Capital Manager]
“(Judgment) You said there was no reversal. Can you correct it? You said no in the game on the 27th. Is it (can) be done now that the New Year has passed?”

[Jeon Young-ah/Adjudicator]
“I should have done it after seeing it clearly… but I’m a little late. I’m sorry.”

Eventually, as criticism intensified over the come and go judgment, the Volleyball Federation held an emergency countermeasures meeting and established a new rule that “if a clear error is found immediately after the video reading result is announced, it can be corrected.”

In addition, he added that he would strengthen the education of game committee members and referees to prevent a recurrence.

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