Oh Se-geun wears SK uniform… The only ‘maximum word’ left is Choi Jun-yong

With less than a week left in the free agent (FA) free negotiation period for professional basketball, the news of the contracts of the target players is coming in one after another. ‘Lion King’ Oh Se-geun, who won the MVP of this season’s championship match, leaves Anyang KGC, his favorite team, and heads for Seoul SK. Now all that remains is the destination of another ‘Maximum Fish’ Choi Jun-yong.

SK said in a press release on the 18th, “We have signed a contract with Oh Se-geun for a total of 750 million won in remuneration for 3 years.” As a result, Oh Se-geun left KGC, which he had been with for 12 years, and wore the uniform of SK, the opposing team he faced in the championship match just 10 days ago.

Initially, the prospect that Oh Se-geun would remain with his original team, KGC, was dominant. there were variables. There was no compensation regulation for free agents over the age of 35, so the possibility of moving the team was open if another club called for a high contract fee. Seizing that possibility, SK seeks to win the next season after overcoming the frustration experienced at the finals this season.

Oh Se-geun said, “Since I debuted in professional basketball in 2011, I think I have achieved my own achievements, such as winning four championships at Ginseng Corporation. I wanted to try to win another championship while playing in a new environment and a new team,” he explained the background of his decision to transfer. He continued, “I will never forget the love and support from the fans of Ginseng Corporation and continue my career with a grateful heart.”

Yang Hong-seok and Moon Seong-gon, who captured the attention of the clubs as big-fish forwards, won a ‘jackpot’ of more than 700 million won in the first year and changed their uniforms to Changwon LG and Suwon KT, respectively. The two players, along with Choi Jun-yong, were counted among the big 3 KBL forwards. Yang Hong-seok leaves KT, where he has been with him for 7 years since his debut, and heads for LG. On the 18th, LG said, “We signed a contract with Yang Hong-seok on the condition of 750 million won in compensation for 5 years.”스포츠토토

The position left by Yang Hong-seok is expected to be filled by Moon Seong-gon, the “king of defense.” Previously, KT announced in a press release, “We signed a contract with Sung-gon Moon for a five-year contract period and a total remuneration of 780 million won in the first year.” Moon Seong-gon will team up with Heo Hoon, who will return from military service from next season, and Ha Yoon-ki, who has won the 5th place in defense this season with his terrifying growth. Anyang KGC, which sent Moon Seong-gon away, caught Bae Byeong-jun, the ‘rabbit’, and started to reinforce its power by bringing in Choi Seong-won from Seoul SK.

The future of Choi Jun-yong, who is considered the ‘greatest fish among great fishes’, is still unclear. Choi Jun-yong is an all-around forward who led SK’s combined championship in the 2021-2022 season and even won the MVP award. This season, he was often absent due to injury, but it is clear that he is a highly utilized resource.

All FA candidates must complete autonomous negotiations by noon on the 22nd. Players who have not signed a contract within that period will receive a letter of intent from the club by the 25th and make a final decision.

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