Oh Won-seok “Let’s go to mini-camp again”… Kim Gwang-hyun “How much money did it cost?”

“Really wait and see this year. Everyone will do well.”

In January, a ‘KK Table Mini Camp’ was set up in Okinawa, Japan. SSG Landers’ flagship player Kim Kwang-hyun held a camp in Okinawa with Oh Won-seok, a junior he cherished, and other left-handed pitchers. The time when most athletes do individual training. It is possible to train in Korea, but the weather is relatively warm, so we chose Okinawa as a place where outdoor training is possible. Kim Gwang-hyun had a strong desire to take his juniors with him. The airfare was borne by each person, but Kim Kwang-hyun supported all the expenses for the stay. It was a great support for low-wage juniors who are burdened with the cost of overseas training.

Kim Gwang-hyun consulted with the club. In particular, he asked the staff of the second team to recommend junior left-handed pitchers who work the hardest. As a result, Baek Seung-gun, Park Si-hoo, Kim Kun-woo, and Lee Ki-soon went together. Judging that Kim Gwang-hyun could provide the most direct help, he decided to go with left-handed pitchers. The members of ‘KK Mini Camp’, who left on the 2nd, returned on the 20th. And Kim Gwang-hyun, the oldest, left for Florida, USA, the training ground for his team’s spring camp, on the 25th after spending the holidays with his family.

Oh Won-seok, Kim Gwang-hyun’s ‘attached junior’, said in an interview after the mini-camp, “It’s really nice to train together like this. I’m grateful that senior Gwang-hyun gave me a good experience. During training, the weather was nice, and everything went well. I think it will be an unforgettable camp,” he said. Oh Won-seok added, “I regained the weight I lost during the season and went to the baseball field to do weight training and personal training to prepare hard.”

He learned a lot from Kim Gwang-hyeon at the camp. In particular, there were a lot of things I saw and felt in the off-season training itself. Oh Won-seok said, “My senior gave me advice on set position. He taught me the importance of set position and how to do quick motion well. I tried to find a method that suits me even when I was playing catch ball or shadow pitching.” I saw this training during the season, but since this is the first off-season, it is helpful just to see how the senior builds his body in the off-season, how he sets up the throwing schedule, and what intensity he does. It’s done,” he admired. Oh Won-seok asked for ‘Season 2’, saying, “I want to do this again next year.” 카지노사이트

Kim Gwang-hyun, who heard Oh Won-seok’s wishes, said, “No, how much money did it cost?” As much as the juniors are happy, Kim Gwang-hyun’s joy returned twice and three times. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “Look at how they are doing this season. Everyone will do really well this year.” This year, if all five of us get together in Team 1, we decided to have a small party. I hope everyone does well, and since I am a very lucky player, my juniors will also be lucky,” he laughed.

Kim Gwang-hyun also said, “In fact, they are all players who have been in the first team at least once, so it was not unfamiliar. All of them are players who can work well in the first team. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses, but they are players with great potential for further growth. I know the strengths of those players well. I caught them and told them, and if they make good use of their strengths, they are players who can do well in the first team.

Will ‘KK Mini Camp Season 2’ be held according to Oh Won-seok’s wishes? Maybe it will change depending on the performance of the juniors this season.

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