One month since the introduction of ‘Pitch Clock’… ‘Life with Evenings’ has come to MLB

‘Life with evening’ came to Major League (MLB) players, who used to play night games that lasted more than three hours. This is the effect of the pitch clock. On the 17th, introduced the daily landscape of players who have changed since the introduction of the pitch clock.

Kyler, the two-year-old daughter of Milwaukee pitcher Brandon Woodruff, is a regular at American Family Field, home of Milwaukee.

When her dad’s team wins, Kyler finds the clubhouse behind her dugout. She has fun throwing basketballs with her dad’s teammates, Willy Adames and Freddie Peralta, among her ‘her uncles’. Woodruff said, “It couldn’t be possible when the game ended after 10 p.m., as in the past.” With her dad’s ‘off work’ speeding up, Kyler has also found her new pleasure.

With the introduction of the pitch clock from this season, the average time per MLB game (based on 9 innings) has been reduced by 26 minutes. “It’s possible to have dinner at a steakhouse that would have closed a long time ago,” said Washington reliever Carl Edwards Jr. It’s the best thing to have dinner with my family.” Luis Garcia, second baseman of the same team, said, “I have more free time in the evening to play PlayStation games or watch movies.” It is like enjoying a work-life balance, a ‘work-life balance’ that was difficult to think of before the introduction of the pitch clock.토토사이트 reported that the pitch clock is also helping players relieve fatigue and stay healthy. The sooner the game ends, the sooner you go to bed.

As the game time is shortened, the energy consumed on the ground is also saved. said, “If the current trend continues and the game time reduction effect continues, fielders’ game time will be reduced by more than 60 hours per season.” Salvador Perez, a veteran catcher in Kansas City, jokingly said, “I think I will have two more years of active service.”

Minnesota coach Rocco Baldelli said, “A three-and-a-half-minute game is completely different from a two-and-a-half hour game.” I am a huge fan of Pitch Clock.”

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