‘Park Ji-hyun era’ predicted by women’s basketball MVP

Kim Dan-bi (33, Woori Bank), who created ‘Our World’, laughed, saying, “It was good to play basketball” at the place where she won the women’s pro basketball championship on the 23rd and was awarded the MVP for the first time in her life.

What caught my attention was the designation of the successor. Danbi Kim said, “The MVP I think is Park Ji-hyun (23, Woori Bank)” and “I relied on a young player. Park Ji-hyun’s era will open in the future.”

Park Ji-hyun has grown remarkably this year, the fifth year of his debut, to the extent that Kim Dan-bi assures him. Park Ji-Hyun established herself as a second-choice player with an average score of 15 points (15.28 points) for the first time in the regular league, and both 3-point shots (33.9%) and free throws (81.8%) were career highs. Woori Bank manager Wi Seong-woo, who is usually stingy with praise, even said, “(Park) Ji-hyeon opened his eyes to basketball this year.”

The rivalry with Lee So-hee (BNK) also had an effect on Park Ji-hyun’s growth. In the 2018-2019 season, the two jumped into the pros with the first and second overall picks in the rookie draft. Park Ji-hyun, who received the rookie award, was one step ahead, but Lee So-hee, who received the skill development award last season, is chasing fiercely and stimulating each other. Park Ji-hyeon used her power to shine under the goal as a new stepping stone this year. He is not afraid of physical fights with opponents, so he not only scored inside and outside points, but also rebounded and defended.바카라

Jihyun Park’s true value was well revealed in the championship match against BNK. He averaged 16.3 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists. He was the only player to achieve a ‘double-double’ in all three games. Park Ji-hyun laughed, saying, “It was possible because the older sisters helped me by saying that we would take responsibility for all the difficult things in the championship match, so do only what you want to do.”

The era of Park Ji-hyun predicted by Dan-bi Kim is in line with the announcement of the revival of ‘Our World’ (2012-2018), which monopolized the top of women’s professional basketball for the past 6 years. It has been a long time since the key players, including Kim Dan-bi, have entered their 30s. In order to create another dynasty, Park Ji-hyun needs to open her own era quickly. Director Wi said, “I hope that day will come as soon as possible,” and “I will continue to help Jihyun grow.”

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