Pruvirtova sisters’ women’s tennis

The Williams sisters will be lumbering… 17-year-old Linda, 82nd

in the world… 15-year-old Brenda ranked 136th,

14-year-old professional debut, major Australian Open “participant”

development, fast development, unlimited potential, “superstar” premonition

There are many sisters who are superior in sports. Among them, the Williams sisters stand out the most. Her older sister Venus and her younger sister Serena Williams (USA) have reigned as women’s tennis superstars since the 1990s.

Venus (43) won 49 singles, 22 doubles and 2 mixed doubles. Serena (42) won 73 singles, 23 doubles and 2 mixed doubles. Both were world number one. But you can’t overcome the power of time. Serena retired last year and Venus is still on the court, but her powers have plummeted. Venus’ world ranking went down to 660th.

A losing year for the Williams sisters. And there is a rising sun. It is the Czech Pruvirtova sisters. Her older sister, Linda, was born in May 2005, and her younger sister, Brenda, was born in April, 2007. Linda’s world ranking is already 82nd and Brenda is 136th.

Linda won her first professional title last year at the age of 16 at the Chennai Open. Last year, when Brenda was 14, she became the youngest player ever on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) tour to win five titles. She also had the pleasure of competing in her first major tournament of the year, the Australian Open. Brenda participates in her first major tournament. Brenda won three of her qualifiers and made her grand slam debut alongside her sister.

Linda defeated Jamie Polis 2-0 in the first round of the Australian Open and Kimberly Birrell (above Australia) 2-0 in the second round. Linda won her first major at last year’s US Open, but was knocked out in the second round. She and this time she reached the third round of her major for the first time in her life at the Australian Open. Brenda lost 0-2 to Alaksandra Sasnovic (Belarus) in the first round, but gained valuable experience. 메이저사이트

Sister Pruvirtova is young, and has an unknown depth of potential. She has taken her first steps now, but her skills and her rapid growth are attracting great attention as an up-and-coming star.

Even compared to the Williams sisters, she doesn’t run the Fruvir Toba sisters. Venus and Serena debuted professionally in 1994 and 1995 when they were 14 years old. Linda and Brenda also made their professional debuts in 2019 and 2021 when they were 14 years old. Venus won her first singles title three years after turning professional, and Serena four years later. Linda reported her first win faster than her Williams sisters. She turned professional and won the championship trophy two years later. Now that Brenda resembles her older sister, it is likely that she will win her first championship sometime next year.

Linda leads, Brenda diligently chasing. Linda came out on top at Les Petit Asses in France in 2019, followed by Brenda a year later. This event corresponds to the 12-14 year old World Championships. It was the first time the sisters had won a back-to-back championship. Brenda was registered as the youngest winner of the event at 38 years old.

The Pruvirtova sisters are considered ‘Danbi’ on the Women’s Professional Tennis (WTA) tour. The retirement of Maria Sharapova (Russia) and Serena, and the aging of Venus put the WTA into a slump. In particular, the absence of a star with marketability is bound to be a fatal blow to box office success. That’s why we put our hopes on Sister Fruvir Tova, who shows off her outstanding skills at a young age.

With the advent of the Williams sisters, WTA and women’s tennis enjoyed a golden age for nearly 20 years. Now, it is predicted that the second golden age will be opened due to the Fruvirtova sisters. In particular, both develop very quickly. It seems that the day will not be far away when the Fruvirtova sisters will grow into superstars who dominate the WTA, and they will stage a sister showdown in the final, just as the Williams sisters did. And full of confidence. “My brother and I share the highest goal (number 1 in the world rankings),” Linda emphasized.

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