“Sack Lampard!”… Advice from former Everton FW

Everton manager Frank Lampard is in crisis.

Everton lost 1-2 to Southampton on the 15th in the 20th round of the English Premier League. In the Premier League, which resumed after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Everton suffered three consecutive defeats. If you add up before the World Cup, it is 5 consecutive losses. Everton fell to 19th in the league. relegation crisis

As a result, rumors about the dismissal of coach Lampard are gaining strength. Everton fans also lost patience and demanded that Lampard be sacked. It is known that the Everton board is also seriously considering the dismissal of Lampard.

In this situation, striker Andy Gray, who has played an active part in Everton, strongly insisted on the dismissal of Lampard.

He said, “Lampard’s time at Everton is over. I don’t know where Everton is going. I don’t know where Lampard is going either.”메이저사이트

“If I’ve been at Everton for a year and I’ve built the team the way I want to, I haven’t moved the team forward in these circumstances. I’d say maybe the manager of this team is for someone else. More than me,” Gray said. There will be coaches who can do better.”

Everton will face first place Arsenal and strong Liverpool after visiting West Ham in the future. “Perhaps Arsenal’s return to Everton will have a big impact on Lampard’s future,” said Gray.

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