‘Shock’ Water Gyeong 27.87 trillion won European soccer board ‘scorched earth operation’

 Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, and even Robert Lewandowski… I
really intend to destroy the soccer field with money. It is reported that Saudi Arabia’s professional soccer teams, with oil money at the forefront, are planning to wipe out the stars of the European soccer league with an enormous amount of money of 17 billion pounds, or 27.8677 trillion won.

Britain’s The Sun reported on the night of the 25th that the Saudi Professional League had invested 17 billion pounds for seven years and made Mbappe and others transfer targets.

Kylian Mbappe is just part of the Saudi league’s seven-year plan. Recently, Saudi Arabia’s Al Halal offered a huge amount for the scout of Mbappe. It is said that he offered PSG a transfer fee of 300 million euros. At about 426 billion won, it is about 100 billion won more than the 222 million euros or about 315 billion won recorded by Neymar, who was in first place.

Al Halal also revealed the salary it will give to Mbappe. He said he would give about 1 trillion won, 700 million euros a year. This is a staggering amount, more than three times the 200 million euros of Cristiano Ronaldo of Saouida Abia Al Nasr, who is known to be receiving the world’s highest salary.

In this summer’s transfer window, numerous European players, including Karim Benzema, headed to the land of heat. The Sun also predicts that more players, including Mbappe, will continue to head to the Middle East in the future.

In particular, according to American CBS reporter Ben Jacobs, the Saudi Arabian Sports Ministry claimed that it would bet 17 billion pounds for the transfer of famous players to the Saudi professional league between this year and 2030. As mentioned earlier, Mbappe is the top priority for the Saudi Arabian League team.

Reporter Jacobs claims that this summer Saudi Arabian teams also targeted Neymar and Luka Modric. There have already been reports that they have been offered large sums of money.

According to reports, Neymar could earn £172 million a year if he moved to Al Hilal. Modric is also said to be betting £170m.

The target for next year’s transfer market has already been set. That’s Robert Lewandowski. Lewandowski has already revealed that he has no intention of moving to Saudi Arabia this summer. Not only Lewandowski, but also Son Heung-min, Romelu Lukaku, and Jamie Vardy are players who have already expressed their intention to refuse.

On the other hand, Manchester City’s Riyad Mahrez has already completed a move and teammate Bernardo Silva is also a Saudi target. It is said to be offering £41 million a year.

Chelsea stars Eduard Mendy and Koulibaly, as well as Man Utd defender Alex Telles, have already worn Saudi professional team uniforms. The same goes for Karim Benzema.바카라사이트

Although the transfer has not yet been confirmed, Jordan Henderson, Fabinho and Alan Saint-Maximin are also expected to join soon.

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