‘Smile Shooter’ Kim Hoon, in his 50s, plays an active part in the father’s basketball tournament

‘Smile Shooter’ Kim Hoon’s fingertips were still sharp. With the addition of a stylish beard, a new atmosphere was created that was not there before. 

On the 17th, a familiar face appeared at the 7th Korea Fathers Basketball Championship, which opened in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do. ‘Smile Shooter’ Kim Hoon became in his 50s and participated in his father’s basketball tournament. 

Hoon Kim, a graduate of Yonsei University and the ‘Basketball Festival Generation’ who led the revival of Korean basketball, played for Daewoo Securities, Anyang SBS, and Incheon Etland after joining the pros. 

After his retirement, Hoon Kim, who has been involved in youth basketball since 2009, continues to contribute to the development of youth basketball by running the Kim Hoon Youth Basketball Class. 

Kim Hoon, who has recently appeared on TV and is active in various fields, drew attention by participating in the 7th Father Basketball Tournament held on the 17th. 

Kim Hoon, who participated in the 50s with a team called Winners, was still maintaining his 50-year-old age. 

He wasn’t just good looking. Hoon Kim, who was famous for his elaborate 3-point shot during his active career, showed off his fingertips in the match against Minus, his first opponent in the preliminaries. 

In the early part of the game, Hoon Kim, who had focused on assists to save his teammates rather than scoring himself, scored four consecutive points in the second half of the first quarter when the team was in crisis, giving the team a 14-6 lead in the first quarter. 

Kim Hoon struggled with the opponent’s rough foul, but in the fourth quarter, he led the team to victory by hitting two patented three-pointers in a row. Hoon Kim scored all 8 points the team recorded in the 4th quarter and led the team to a new victory by 2 points, 40-38.  토토

Hoon Kim, who scored 16 points including two 3-point shots, said, “This is the first time I participated in the Father’s Basketball Tournament. It was harder than I thought because the Winners were a team that had just been formed,” and expressed how difficult it was to make her debut in the Father’s Basketball Tournament.

He added, “There were difficult parts, but it was fun. 

Hoon Kim said that although he had fun, he felt sorry for the players’ rough fouls and frequent protests. 

“Anyway, they have been playing basketball for a long time, and since they all have the ability to do so, it seems that they have a strong sense of self. I think we need to expand.”

Winners, to which Hoon Kim belongs, is aiming for the championship in the 50s. It remains to be seen if the Winners, with Kim Hoon’s performance, who is still proud of his shooting sense, can stand at the top of the top 50 in this tournament.