Sniper from former student, “Director Al Nasr will do anything to suck Ronaldo”

“Director Rudi Garcia will serve Ronaldo at least”.

On the 4th (Korean time), Cristiano Ronaldo had a ceremony for Al Nasr club in the Saudi Arabia League. After passing the medical test on the 3rd, he had an interview at the official Al Nasr initiation ceremony.

From the summer transfer window, Ronaldo himself constantly put offers to big clubs in Europe, but he couldn’t find the team he wanted because of his age and high salary.

On top of that, Ronaldo had his contract terminated in November after an interview targeting Manchester United, his former team. After that, he made love calls to several teams, but all of them were rejected.

In the process, Ronaldo also fell out with his exclusive agent, Jorge Mendes. In the end, he eventually wore the Al Nasr uniform, which offered an annual salary of 200 million euros (about 272.1 billion won) for two and a half years until the summer of 2025. 

Ronaldo, who earned a huge salary but joined Saudi Arabia as if kicked out of the European stage after being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. He showed off his still self-love in his initiation ceremony. 안전놀이터

“I’m talking about Ronaldo because I’m a big fan of Ronaldo. He’s really the worst manager,” said Juninho, who had a meal with manager Rudi García Al-Nasr at Marseille.

In fact, Garcia broke the mood by joking that he wanted to bring Lionel Messi to Ronaldo’s signing ceremony. Juninyu shook his head, saying, “He is really the worst person in my life. He only listens to the owner.”

Juninho criticized, “Perhaps Garcia will become a big fan of Ronaldo. He is a man who will not oppose every decision and will prepare breakfast for Ronaldo.”

“Garcia doesn’t care about the team’s success or the harmony of the locker room. He’s the best attention seeker,” he added. “He loves press conferences.