‘Ssaldink’ Park Hang-seo’s ‘Last Dance’… satisfied with the runner-up

On the 16th (Korean time), Vietnam lost 0-1 in the away match in the second leg of the Mitsubishi Cup final against Thailand held at Thammasat Stadium in Pathum Thani, Thailand. Vietnam, which drew 2-2 in the first match held at Vietnam’s home on the 13th, lost 2-3 in the first and second matches and was satisfied with the runner-up. Thailand achieved its second consecutive victory following the victory in the 2020 Singapore tournament. For the 7th time in his career, he kept his place as the country with the most wins.

Thailand is Park’s ‘old enemy’ who lost to Vietnam in the last tournament. It was Vietnam, which was aiming for a revenge match in this final, but it was unable to cross the wall in Thailand again and failed to recapture the top after winning the 2018 tournament.

This competition was Park’s last stage, ‘Last Dance’. Coach Park decided not to extend the contract with the Vietnam Football Association and to put down the baton after this tournament.메이저사이트

He was the culmination of a five-year partnership with the Vietnam national football team.

Vietnam, who drew 2-2 in the first match at home on the 13th, had to win on this day to win or score three or more goals according to the away goal rule. However, in the 24th minute of the first half, a surprise mid-range shot by opponent Tiraton Boonmatan split Vietnam’s goal, and Vietnam was dragged throughout the game. Two goals were needed for Vietnam to win the trophy. Coach Park displayed mercenary skills, such as quickly replacing players, but it did not work. In a desperate situation, Vietnam launched an all-out offensive for a comeback goal, but was unable to shake Thailand’s net. In the heat of the ‘full crowd’ home fans, the fighting spirit of the Thai players who wanted to protect and the Vietnamese players who wanted to chase them was all great.

Coach Park led Vietnam and turned it into a powerhouse in Southeast Asia. In 2018, he commanded Vietnam’s victory in the tournament for the first time in 10 years. The following year, it reached the quarterfinals of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup. In addition, Vietnam advanced to the final qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar for the first time. As of December last year, the FIFA ranking was raised to 96th. Director Park was also treated as a ‘national hero’ in Vietnam. 

Coach Park said at a press conference after the final game, “I really wanted to give the Vietnamese people and soccer fans a gift of winning, but I am sorry that I couldn’t. I want to congratulate Thailand on winning the championship,” he said. “The players did their best today. thank you players I ask the people to encourage the players rather than criticize them so that the Vietnamese team can grow further.” “It is the most regrettable and heartbreaking that I can no longer be with the players I love. I will never forget the memories of living with the players and sharing the joys and sorrows for the rest of my life,” he said. The only thing I can do well is soccer. I will try to make the best choice of where and what soccer to do.”

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