SSG virtually complete with 5-man expanded roster, including rookie outfielder Kim Jung-min

The SSG Landers have virtually completed the formation of their expanded roster, which will take effect on September 1 (a temporary expansion of the first team roster at the end of the season).

The expanded roster allows for five additional players to join the existing 28, bringing the roster to 33.

“We’ve almost finished planning the expansion roster,” said SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, who met with reporters at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Nov. 31.

“Kim Min-sik (catcher), Oh Tae-gon (outfielder), Kim Jung-min (outfielder), and Kim Joo-han (pitcher) will be on the roster,” Kim said. “The other one is a pitcher, but we will announce it after the final inspection after today’s (31st) game.” Kim added, “Kim Jung-min is a resource who can be a big defender and a big runner.”

Catcher Kim Min-sik and infielder and captain Oh Tae-gon were sent to the second team on the 18th due to rest and poor performance, and will return to the first team in two weeks.

The most prominent names are outfielder Kim Jung-min, 19, and pitcher Kim Ju-han, 30, who were both drafted in the third round of this year’s SSG. Kim only played six games for the first team this year, but he was named a Future League All-Star after batting .251 (215-for-54) with two home runs in the Futures League (second team).

Kim hasn’t made a first-team appearance this season, but in 32 appearances in the Futures League, he’s 3-7 with a 3.09 ERA.메이저사이트

The expanded roster is a temporary expansion of the first-team roster to allow players who would normally be on the second team to play in first-team games and gain experience, as well as to rest starters at the end of a long season and give prospects a chance.

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