‘Surgery 2nd year’ Park Jong-hoon “I have no excuses now”

 SSG Landers’ ‘submarine’ Park Jong-hoon is sweating hard to prepare for the new season. In the second year of surgery, Park Jong-hoon, who has to lead a season as a starter, has a different mindset.

Park Jong-hoon, who we met at the Jackie Robinson Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, USA, where the SSG spring camp is being held, said, “Last year, when I was rehabilitating, I checked for pain and didn’t practice much. He said, “It’s not as good as I thought, but I’m getting a lot of balance.”

Park Jong-hoon, who broke away from메이저사이트 the front line while undergoing elbow surgery alongside Moon Seung-won in 2021, returned in the second half of last season and played 11 games and 48 innings, recording 3 wins and 5 losses with an ERA of 6.00. In the Korean Series, he transformed into a bullpen, blocked 2⅓ innings without losing a run, and recorded 2 holds, contributing to the team’s victory.

Manager Kim Won-hyeong has high expectations for Park Jong-hoon, who will play the full season. Director Kim believes that “good skills come out in the second year of surgery.” Park Jong-hoon emphasized, “Because the director said so, and even if the manager doesn’t say it, he should do well this year.”

He said, “(Kim) Kwang-hyeon hyung went to the WBC and it could be difficult, so we have to make up for that part too. I don’t have much to show right now, so I think I’ll have to show a lot this year in terms of grades.”

I have a lot of worries, but I erase them with practice. Park Jong-hoon said, “The coach instills a lot of confidence, and I think I have confidence in myself because I throw a lot and practice a lot. At the same time, I am very excited, and I hope the season will come soon.”

Park Jong-hoon’s best performance in a season was 159⅓ innings and 14 wins in 2018. Park Jong-hoon predicted, “I have to win 10 unconditionally. Also, I can’t decide by numbers, but I want to throw the most innings. It’s natural, but reducing walks is the priority, and then I think I can get a lot of innings.”

At the same time, Park Jong-hoon said, “My elbows are fine, my shoulders are fine, my knees and ankles are fine, my head is fine,” and smiled, saying, “I have no excuses now.”

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