“Surgery in the worst case” KCC Heo Ung’s ankle injury emergency, as soon as the locker room taping was removed, it was severely swollen

 Heo Woong’s right ankle injury is not serious.

Heo Woong severely broke his right ankle in the landing process while breaking through in the second quarter of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Regular League home game KCC and Hyundai Mobis 메이저사이트held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 9th.

It was quite painful. Heo Ung groaned enough to make the stadium reverberate. Heo Ung, who complained of pain for about two minutes, could not stand on his feet at all. He was carried out of the court on a stretcher.

The shock in his ankle seemed to extend from his calf to his knee.

KCC said, “Heo Woong’s injury is not serious. He took off the taping, and at that moment, his ankle started to swell severely. A detailed examination is needed, but in the worst case, surgery may be required.”

Heo Ung is KCC’s signature star and KBL’s greatest star. He is also the ace leading KCC’s offense. Until last season, he was active in Wonju DB, and this season his value was recognized and he wore a KCC uniform as a free agent.

KCC is in an emergency. Lee Seung-hyun, the signature big man, is already suffering from a long-term injury. With Heo Ung, the core of the perimeter attack, also injured, KCC lost all of its powerful one-two punches.

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