Suwon’s radically changed attacking camp, will the ‘Last Puzzle’ Mulrich be crowned?

 Suwon Samsung hit the ‘last puzzle’ of the attack. Recruited Mulich (29) and put the puzzle in the forefront. Suwon said, ‘Mulich, the tallest striker in the 2m3 league, will wear a Suwon uniform in 2023 and enter the Big Bird. The term of his contract is ‘2 + 1’ years. He recently announced that his shirt number is 44.

Suwon focused on strengthening the offensive line ahead of the 2023 season. Suwon only scored 44 goals in 38 league games last year. It stayed in the final 10th. For the first time since its founding, it experienced the abyss of the promotion playoffs (PO). He managed to remain in the K-League 1.

Suwon, which is trying to restore its reputation, recruited Akosti and Kim Kyung-joong ahead of the new season. Bassani was also brought on loan. By strengthening flank attacks, he expected synergies with Oh Hyun-gyu and Ahn Byung-jun, who are in the forefront. However, a variable occurred. Oh Hyun-kyu moved to Celtic (Scotland). Oh Hyun-gyu is the key to leading Suwon by scoring 13 goals in the league last year alone바카라사이트. Suwon hurriedly moved to fill Oh Hyun-kyu’s vacancy.

One of the areas that Suwon focused on was the ‘K League experience’. Suwon received a failing grade last year in foreign player farming. It was because foreign strikers were sluggish. Groning, an ambitious recruit, failed to record a single attack point in 14 league games. Saric, who returned after 3 years since 2019, also scored 3 goals and 2 assists in 28 league games. Manabu also had 1 goal and 3 assists in 18 league games. Coach Lee Byung-geun said at a recent press conference, “We have to produce results. There are many good players in Europe, but if a player without K-League experience comes, it will take a long time. “I prefer players with experience,” he said.

After much consideration, Suwon recruited Mulich. He is a player who has been verified in the K-League. In 2021, he entered the K-League wearing a uniform from Seongnam FC. He scored 13 goals in 36 matches in his first season. Last year, he scored 9 goals and 1 assist in 33 league matches. His great height and his foot skills are his strengths. He can also score direct free kicks with his sophisticated kicking ability. He is also evaluated to be effective in counterattacking because he has good speed from the outside to the center. This is why Mulich said, “Suwon has Lee Ki-je on the left and Akosti on the right. There is also an outstanding midfielder named Kim Bo-kyung. If I work with my teammates, I will be able to show my strengths better than just shooting.”

The key is to adapt to the water source. Mulich only joined the team on the 6th after signing a contract with Medical Test. There are only 20 days left until the opening. Fortunately, Mulich had been building his body all this time. It remains to be seen if Mulich will be able to become a ‘fiery finish’ to Suwon’s ‘extremely’ changed attack team in 2023.

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