Teixeira, a 44-year-old UFC veteran who put down his gloves after 42 fights

33 wins and 9 losses in mixed martial arts (MMA) career. The fight of Glover Teixeira (44, Brazil), a veteran fighter representing the UFC, has completely stopped.

Teixeira lost to Jamahal Hill (32, USA) after five rounds by unanimous decision in the UFC 283 light heavyweight title match held at Jiunis Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 22nd (Korean time). 

Teixeira, who had won 15 straight wins in the MMA stage, entered the UFC in May 2012 and made a splendid debut defeating Kyle Kingsbury (USA). Then, he won 5 straight UFC wins.

Teixeira suffered his first Octagon loss in April 2014 in a title fight against Jon Jones (USA). In October of the same year he also lost to Phil Davis. It was his first consecutive loss by decision in both matches. 

Teixeira, who improved his skills, won an arm triangle victory over Carl Robertson (USA) in January 2019, and then held Jan Vlakovic (Poland) with a rear naked choke in October 2021 and won six consecutive victories. With the win, Teixeira won the light heavyweight title.  메이저사이트

He failed to defend the first line of defense. In January 2022, Teixeira lost the title to Iri Prohaska (Czech Republic). 

The title match again in January 2023. Teixeira wanted to defeat Hill and ascend the throne. However, he failed to use his main technique and suffered the second consecutive defeat in his career.

It was an overwhelming victory for Hill. Teixeira’s wrestling and jiu-jitsu didn’t work. Hill blocked 15 of Teixeira’s 17 takedown attempts. Even when he went down for a takedown, he got up again, or rather reversed his position and came up to the top.

Teixeira’s face was disfigured by Hill’s blow. But he was determined to win until the very end.

In the 5th round, Teixeira eventually succeeded in a takedown and then took a full mount. However, he failed to use his technique properly and the round ended.

Teixeira put his glove on the floor of the Octagon after the match. It is a ceremony that MMA fighters do when they retire.

Teixeira announced his retirement, saying “I can’t do it anymore”. It was the last stage of the veteran who debuted as a professional fighter in 2002. 

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