“Thank you for letting me know about the true charm of rugby” The Korea Rugby Association Awards, held in 4 years, ended successfully

The Korea Rugby Association said in a press release on the 13th, “The ‘2022 Korea Rugby Association Award’ held at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the 10th ended successfully.”

The ‘2022 Korea Rugby Association Awards’ hosted and hosted by the Korea Rugby Association is an awards ceremony designed to contribute to the development of rugby over the past year, encourage the best players in each field, and promote harmony among rugby people. The Korea Rugby Association finally selected the winners through recommendations from each provincial and provincial rugby association and screening by the Sports Fair Committee.

In the merit category, Principal Son Seung-woo of Busan Physical Education High School, Principal Yoo Jin-kwon of Sangwon High 바카라사이트School, and former Yonsei University rugby coach Do-hyun Kim, who are working hard to nurture rugby prospects, were honored with the award.

In the appreciation category, Jeon Beom, head of the training planning department of the Korea Sports Association, Kim Dong-yeol, head of the Armed Forces Sports Unit, and Prospecs, Daesang Welllife, and LG Electronics, which officially support the Korea Rugby Association, received appreciation plaques.

Next, national team head coach Charles Lowe and youth team leader Kim Jong-soo were selected as the best coaches, standing referee Seo In-soo as the best judge, and Seoul National University College of Education Affiliated High School as the best team.

Choi Yun, president of the Korea Rugby Association, said, “The reason why Korean rugby was able to continue its strong step toward becoming a popular sport is thanks to all the officials who worked with the association to nurture young rugby players and expand the base. I am always grateful for warm interest in Korean rugby, which may be one of the many unpopular sports for some people, and for running with the association in various ways to convey the true charm of rugby over the past year.”

Next, Chairman Yoon Choi said, “This year, we plan to focus on making rugby a cognitive sport and developing it so that more people can know the fun of watching rugby matches as much as soccer and baseball. I hope you continue to give your strength.” .

Meanwhile, this event, which was held for the first time in 4 years due to Corona, was broadcast in real time on the Korea Rugby Association’s YouTube channel, and in addition to the winners, many rugby people, including representatives of the Korea Rugby Association and active rugby players, came to express their congratulations and gratitude.

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