The answer to the diss is the Finance Committee? KGC, there was a need to fight like a man

Sometimes dissing is necessary in professional sports.

KBL held a Finance Committee on the morning of the 14th in connection with coach Kim Seung-gi Carrot’s case of defamation of the club, Gage Prim’s (Hyundai Mobis) foul that violated the spirit of sports, and inexperience in the operation of the referee’s game. said to do

It is known that this Finance Committee was held at the request of KGC to KBL. Director Kim and Prim both have ties to KGC.

In the case of Prim, on the 11th, in the middle of the 4th quarter against KGC, he hit Byun Jun-hyung’s back of the head in the process of going over the half court. However, the judges who watched the scene did not make any decisions. Because it was a deliberate play, an unsportsmanlike foul should have been called, but it was missed. Sanctions through the Finance Committee are natural.

However, it is necessary to think about whether the matter related to director Kim will lead to the Finance Committee. KGC could either make a formal protest at the club level or respond through a counter-fire operation. Over-the-counter wars are another fun thing to watch in professional sports, but KBL has been dragged in and blocked.

Coach Kim dissed KGC non-stop after moving to Carrot. He vomited the sadness of receiving insufficient support at a certain time when he was coaching KGC, and the resentment of not being properly evaluated despite his excellent grades. In the meantime, he even mentioned parts that were not known to the outside world in detail. It was pointed out that he was a bit excessive, but he didn’t make up words.

At this time, KGC did not respond in any way. KGC director Kim Sang-sik refrained from mentioning it specifically because he is not included in these storylines. Former general manager Jeon Sam-sik, who had a conflict with coach Kim, has already left the basketball world. What remains in an uncomfortable relationship with coach Kim is the KGC front, but they did not take any stance until the 5th round. It was only explained in terms of ignoring it.

However, KGC suddenly took out the Finance Committee card. When asked on the 10th whether it is the hardest thing in a leader’s life now that even the salary is delayed ahead of kt, coach Kim said, “I think I learned too well about caring메이저사이트 from former general manager Jeon Sam-sik. Through the things I learned then, I am managing the team well now. I am grateful” was defined as a reason for slandering the club. KGC did not ignore Director Kim’s long-standing diss. I just piled it up in my mind, and the basis for knowing it is the request of the Finance Committee.

The fact that KGC borrowed the finance committee’s hand to sanction manager Kim showed its will to choose the surest method. It means that he will fight for an answer without making any effort. As he is running to secure first place in the regular league, he may not have the time to pay attention to other things. If you look at it that way, it seems like a wise decision. However, it was also a choice that lost fun and manliness at the same time.

In professional sports, nothing is more important than competition. As much as it is a fight between a winner and a loser, all methods must be mobilized to win. In this process, the diss battle is one element that can bring out fun.

However, KBL is particularly stingy about rivals, conflicts, and competition. Equity and balance are more important. As a result, I am weak in storytelling. It would be nice if everyone could be happy and laugh, but professional sports like KBL should be a battlefield, not a Garden of Eden. When someone laughs, someone has to cry. The process leading to such a result can be a story. The finance committee is not suitable as a story material.

Director Kim’s KGC diss was close enough to cross the line that must be kept. But it was fun to watch. The fun would have been doubled if KGC had fired back in a different way. If it had been a more exciting counterattack than the Finance Committee, an interesting story could have been written just for that. However, the moment when I was able to make a good process has passed and now the boat has left. It is unknown what the outcome will be, but the story of director Kim and KGC has already become ‘no jam’ with the variable called the Finance Committee.

Sometimes you need to fight like a man. However, KGC avoided a head-to-head match with coach Kim and borrowed KBL’s hand. It’s not like they made a bad choice. But there were better ways. If he was proud of the diss he suffered, he should have stood in front of coach Kim instead of behind KBL.

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