‘The club’s first treble challenge’ coach Tilikayinen “It means so much that I don’t need to say it” 

“Because it is a meaningful record, the players are well aware of it. I don’t think there is any need to talk. If we do well in the volleyball we want to play, the results will follow.”

Korean Air coach Tommy Tillikainen said at the’Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ postseason media day held at Nuritream Square in Sangam, Seoul on the 20th, “We are more prepared than other teams. There is a lot of time. Finally, I think it will be time to find a part to improve.”

Korean Air won the regular league championship this season with 26 wins and 10 losses and 76 points. Coach Tillikainen, who arrived first in the championship match, said, “I try to train by finding the parts to improve for the rest of the time. It is difficult for him to reveal the details, but he tries to believe in what he has done so far rather than adding something new. It is important how well we can use the weapons we have when we start the match,” he explained about his preparations for the championship match.

Korean Air, which won both the KOVO Cup and the regular league, will challenge the treble for the second time in the V-League men’s division and the club’s first. Coach Tillikainen said, “I didn’t say anything special to the players about the treble,” but “the players are well aware of it because it is a meaningful record. I don’t think there is any need to talk. If we do well in volleyball, the results will follow. It is a record that is meaningful to me, and I want to make my team members proud,” he said about the meaning of the treble. 카지노사이트

Coach Tillikainen, who cited the moment of four consecutive losses in the fifth round as the most difficult point of the season, said, “There are difficult moments in every season. In the 5th round, the pace fell because the players were not in good shape. It was the most difficult moment for the players and the team.”

Coach Tillikainen, who answered “I don’t want to pick one person in team sports” when asked about the winning MVP of the regular league this season, said, “I hate the triple crown and the game MVP. After all, games are won and lost together as a team. It would be nice if our team had an MVP, but I don’t want to pick anyone. If you look at teams that are doing well around the world, players play a role in putting the team’s puzzle pieces together.

“It is a player who runs the game, and it is a player who does magical things on the pitch,” said coach Tillikainen. Isn’t this floor like that? The players win and the coach loses,” he said, vowing to do his best to help the players perform at their best in the championship match.

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