The International Baduk Association, the founding ceremony on the 17th of next month… The first president was Nam Chi-hyung.

 An international society will be created in the world of baduk in crisis.

The Korea National Association announced on the 27th that the International Society of Go Studies will hold a founding ceremony on February 17th at the Korea National Association Secretariat.

The International Baduk Society, which will replace the recently suspended Korean Baduk Society, plans to contribute to academic exchanges among baduk researchers from around the world and the development of baduk culture.

The first president of the International Baduk Society was Professor Nam Chi-hyeong of the Department of Baduk at Myongji University, a former professional player.메이저사이트

Chairman Nam Chi-hyung said, “Myongji University presented a plan to merge with Myongji Junior College, including the abolition of the Baduk department last December.” The International Baduk Association was founded,” he said.

He also said, “Through the crisis of the baduk department, we have received encouragement and support from more world baduk people than ever before, and we have confirmed that baduk learning is not the exclusive property of Korea or the baduk department.” We are also trying to expand the scope of Go to various areas urgently needed in the Baduk world.”

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