The reason Kim Min-hyeok of ‘Defending Champion’ is more determined

“You came to the winning team.”

 Pro soccer K League 1 Ulsan Hyundai new midfielder Kim Min-hyeok (31) has been sweating more than usual all winter. In my football life, this year is uniquely different.

 Kim Min-hyuk recently told Sports World, “It’s an honor to be on the winning team. It’s a new challenge. I’ve been in citizen clubs and strong teams, but it’s my first time winning a championship. As there are many good players, we have to work harder to win the competition.”

 Kim Min-hyeok is familiar to K-League hardcore fans, but he is not a nationally famous player. He has no national team experience. Except for the Pohang Steelers, most of the tough teams in the past were civil clubs, such as Gwangju FC and Seongnam. Then, a career called ‘defending champion’ Ulsan was added to him. Kim Min-hyeok said, “I think they liked the amount of activity in the waist area.”

 He became part of the winning team, but he was not the result of his own achievement. Rather, Ulsan, which has become a new team, is in a situation where it has to defend its title by beating strong challengers such as Jeonbuk Hyundai and Daejeon Hana Citizen this year. Minhyuk Kim is an important presence in Ulsan. In Ulsan, Amano Jun, who played as a key player until last season, left for Jeonbuk, his rival. The gap was minimized with Gustav Rubiksson and Esaka Ataru, but all of them are freshmen. It would be nice to adapt to the K-League right away, but there are variables that can’t.

 Kim Min-hyeok is also a freshman on the team, but he is familiar with the league. As a player who was particularly strong in Ulsan, he can quickly melt into the team. If you give vitality to the second and third lines, Ulsan can cruise from the beginning of the season. 메이저사이트

 Kim Min-hyeok said, “I have a lot of experience playing various roles while playing for various teams. He has no fear when it comes to challenges. I don’t even care about the fact that I may not be able to compete,” he said. He believes that if he works hard to play as part of a winning team, he will rise to the next level as a player.”

 “I have a desire to represent the national team, but now is the time to focus on Ulsan. There was also the number of attack points targeted, but it was not kept well when it was said out loud. I will only think inside and try to achieve it,” he said. “The goal I can tell you is not to get hurt. There were a lot of injuries the year before and last year as well. He laughed, saying, “I want to play in many games without getting hurt this year.”

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