The romance of the championship… Ryu Ji-hyuk receives a red autographed jersey in the ‘away’ locker room

It’s a beautiful farewell. The KIA Tigers presented a special gift to departed player Ryu Ji-hyuk (29).

On the 11th, KIA held a special time before the Samsung Lions game at home (Gwangju-Kia Champions Field), which was postponed due to rain. The team held a farewell party for Ryu Ji-hyuk, who was traded to Samsung. Ryu switched jerseys with Kim Tae-gun on May 5.

Coincidentally, Ryu returned to Gwangju just six days after the trade. He was wearing Samsung’s signature blue jersey. The farewell meeting was held in the home locker room, a place he was still familiar with. Head coach Kim Jong-kook, the coaching staff, and many of his “former” teammates were in attendance. On the occasion, the KIA players presented Ryu with an autographed red (KIA) jersey with his name and back number (No. 8).

Ryu Ji-hyuk was a trusted colleague among seniors and juniors alike. He was praised for his work ethic, camaraderie, and leadership. Ryu was playing in his fourth season after joining KIA via trade in the 2020 season.

On the fifth day of the trade, KIA head coach Kim Jong-kook expressed his regret at losing Ryu. Kim Do-young, who was honored as a player of the game against SSG Landers on May 5, also expressed his gratitude for Ryu. “He was a senior who taught me more than anyone else,” Kim said during the last season (2022) when he was a rookie. At the time, the two were competing for third base, but Ryu genuinely supported his junior’s growth.바카라사이트

It’s a fierce, cold world of competition. Teammate transfers are commonplace. However, the number of players registered each season remains a record. A comrade-in-arms from ‘those days’ who can share achievements or failures. There was a romance to Championsfield.

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