The ‘Sedga’ combination we met again writes a new history of Daegu

“I want to write more new history.”

The Daegu FC ‘Sedga’ (Sedga + Edgar) combination is a powerful weapon. However, it did not work properly last season. Edgar suffered a cruciate ligament rupture in the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) playoffs in March last year and left. Daegu and Edgar terminated the contract after mutual agreement. Daegu went through ups and downs last season and hovered around the bottom.

Edgar returned to Daegu after one season. There were love calls from other teams besides Daegu, but Edgar chose Daegu. Edgar saw Daegu’s crisis last season from the outside. He said, “It was a pity because I had been with Daegu for a long time and made history. I also thought that the players would have a hard time,” he said 안전놀이터. “But I was happy that the finish was good. Even after the surgery, Daegu expressed great interest, and I thought it was right to return to Daegu, where I was greatly loved.”

I am still not 100% in shape. Edgar rehabilitated alone in Brazil. He was born in 1987 and needs to take care of his body as he enters his mid-thirties. Still, the club’s expectations for him are high. Edgar said, “The injury last year was a shock to the extent that I thought I would be able to play soccer again. I want to prove that I am still alive. I will do my best so that the same thing as last year does not happen to the team. I want to write a new history of Daegu this year as well.”

Sejingya is also of one mind. He is more than happy to see Edgar’s return. Edgar is Sejingya’s sure attacking partner, and at the same time, he is also a helper who can disperse the concentrated check. “I was really sad when Edgar said he was leaving the team. but he came back I’m already happy that we can help each other a lot on the pitch and breathe together. You can look forward to the ‘Sedga’ combination.”

Sejingya showed off his skills as well as his sense of responsibility wearing the captain’s armband in the second half of last year. Appointed as captain this season He is the only foreign captain in the K-League. Sejinya said, “Daegu is a family. I will never forget the many achievements I made here with my fans. I don’t know how long I’ll stay in Daegu, but what I’ve achieved so far will never disappear. I want to be together for as long as possible and continue writing new history.”

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